The reason behind the elimination of the middle class.

Hello friends, thank you so much for visiting my blog today and I will be writing about a topic that I consider highly educating and…

Jack Ma, Alibaba and China's Regulation (Is Alibaba Too Big or is China Just Punishing Ma for his Big Mouth)

Jack Ma, being a Business Tycoon, tech entrepreneur, and one of China's job creators was very successful as a person and an institution, I…

How inflation affects the economy.

Economics is not a course of study for everyone but it remains very mandatory that we get a good knowledge on economics, this knowledge…


When asked about how many people who are currently at their low levels in life will want to move fast to the next point, we will get lots…

The Money Management Skill Only a Few People Have

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Being Productive as a Remote Worker (What Works for Me)

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How to select the type of cryptocurrency to invest in.

There is a boom in the market now and as usual we have more people looking into the benefit of the cryptocurrency world, there are new…


At some point after holding crypto tokens for some time we will need to trade it in order to make profits from it and this is actually one…


Consistency is a strong tool required for success, there is nothing good that comes easy and there is nothing great that happens without a…

Solving the World's Problem will bring you Money

Reaching the Billionaire status isn't a child's play, and although so many people want to reach this point, they do not know the problems…

Allow financial knowledge direct your spending habits.

When it comes to handling finance, I must admit that I am not a champion at it but I know the importance of trying to learn and then gain…

Cost, Price and Value; Sellers and Customers Meeting Point

Value is what everyone pays for, either time, expertise, effort, idea, additions, goods, services, and so on, if it isn't worth it then it…

What do you see to Ripple Lab's suit by the SEC

The journey started in 201 with Ripple Lab originally founded by Jed McCaleb, Chris Larsen, and a few other angel investors. Ripple Lab…

Remote Working, The Future of Work

Did you remember the days when you were told to go to school, get a degree, get a job and start working in an office. In fact, your…

Passive Income Investments and Ideas You should Look Into in 2021

The word "passive income" always rings a bell in the world of finance. When you ask people about how they have grown their fortune, they…

Are We Having Inflation in the Financial Market as a Result of Stimulus?

It is no news to us that the government has only one way of solving financial problems and that is to eject more money to the economy and…

How to be Prepared for Your Next Financial Crisis?

We all have been hearing about financial crisis but before the Covid-19 pandemic, every person you interact with and ask for a good…

Corruption in Underdeveloped and Developing Countries

I came to an understanding that in so many Underdeveloped and developing countries, leadership isn't synonymous to politics as when power…

Simple Money Advice From Me to You In February

Figuring out how to never become a part of penury/poverty is the difficult of things when it comes to attaining financial freedom. Earning…

Investing In Easy and Simple Steps to Become a Millionaire

Inflation has destroyed the worlds' economy and the value for money and this has made becoming a millionaire equivalent to being a worth…