DailyArt - Don't grow up, it's a trap! - #onchainart by gcollects

So Christmas is coming and though I have little less than a month to prepare, I already feel overwhelmed to g

SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Magic is Life, Life is Magic!

Today my quest was the Life quest. So it was a good time to try to rent and use Defender of Truth. *This post is an entry to the…

Road to GOLD III - Ranking Up in Splinterlands Without Investment?

This is a cross post of @gcollects/road-to-gold-iii-ranking-up-in-splinterlands-without-investment by @gcollects.My latest post in…

Road to GOLD III - Ranking Up in Splinterlands Without Investment?

Now that Chaos is out soon, I've been thinking of a strategy to crawl up in the ranking to earn more DEC and to be able to level up as…

Hive Financial Statistics – 2021.10.27

Welcome to the daily financial report about the Hive blockchain. All the information presented in this report is based on the data…

Level Up These Cheap Cards Before CHAOS Arrives!

Why level up? When I started playing #Splinterlands, for half a

Why I've Sold Mylor Crowling After 10 Minutes of Playing?

My Exper

Fan Art Text Dividers - Chaos Legion Splinterlands Theme ( Free to use to decorate your posts )

Hello there, summoners. How are you doing? Did you enjoy the excitement of receiving vouchers? Yes, the Chaos Legion has begun, and…

Platypus-Dundee's Weekly Curation Post

Welcome again to my weekly top 5 curation, where 75% of SPT is devided amoung the selected posts. This week I will also select one of the…

Social Tokens: The Biggest Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency industry is proceeding along. There is a lot happening in a relatively short period of time. Over the last few…