Can We Please Not Use Hive Reward Pool For Another HBD Stabilization Attempt?

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There was a time, long time ago that I decided not to visit Trending page at all. Because it was filled with purchased bid-bot voted posts, and automated posts. Those time ended a while ago, and once again Trending page was a good place to see the most valued and interesting posts and most popular authors. For an author-wannabe like myself, trending would be a place to see and learn how to become a better author. It has also been a place to see what's the latest on Hive.

There also were days when posts were earning hundreds of dollars. That too was in the past. Author could hope those days would return with appreciation of the underlying asset - Hive.

Today, those trends on Hive has changed. There is a new author, or auto in town - @hbd.funder. Two posts from this talented author are trending at the very top. One earning $493, and another $373. Wow. This great, no? Now authors can earn even more?

The third post though is making only $91, which has been a norm for a the best of the best. And nobody else is earning more than $100. How could this be? That @hbd.funder must be super talented author.

I write this because I love you. I write this because I care.

Well No! @hbd.funder is not an author. It is part of a project @hbdstabilizer and 100% beneficiary rewards go there. HBDStabilizer has a certain goal in mind, to make HBD pegged to $1 USD as it was originally designed. This project is already funded by the Decentralized HIVE Fund. It is a good project and I support it. I would love to see HBD to serve its original purpose which is to be pegged to $1 USD. Moreover, it bring profits and returns those profits to DHF. Awesome, right? Yes. But do we really need to rewards pool for that?

My understanding is that DHF funding is not being enough to peg the HBD. We have seen last couple days HBD price was around $1.5. Perhaps for this reasons, they started @hbd.funder to fund it more.

But not the Hive Reward Pool! Please!

While we are trying to make one thing to work as it is designed, that is making HBD pegged to USD, we are ruining the design of something else. Reward pool is not designed for funding HBD Stabilization. Reward pool is for Authors and Curators.

When DHF first was created, it already took a way a decent chunk out of Reward Pool. Does anybody remember that?

So, my point is reward pool should not be utilized to fund projects. We have DHF for that which already took a way big percentages of reward pool funds. Any profits that HBDStabilizer makes go back to DHF not to the Reward Pool. So any amount hbd.funder takes away from reward pool is taking away from authors and curators.

We have already seen this in the past with experiments like BurnPost and SBDPotato. I am not saying these are bad ideas or projects. These are well thought out and worth trying experiments. But they haven't worked. We never were able to peg HBD.

I am not saying pegging HBD is not possible. Brilliant minds like @blocktrades and @smooth proposed great ideas to accomplish this goal. I fully support them. It will be great to have real stable coin. I can see great use for various use cases like e-commerce.

I don't think reward pool should be the source of funding these projects though. Please don't. Please leave the reward pool for authors and curators.

Moreover, trending space is also not designed for funding automated posts. We have had a clean and beautiful trending page for a year now. Let's keep they way it was.

I know this is not a popular opinion. Please don't hate. I only share these thoughts because I care. The pending rewards on those posts speak loudly how a lot of large stakeholders support it. They probably will continue for a while now.

I would like to leave you with one more thought. Vote for Leofinance witness. They are doing amazing things for Hive, the Community, and the Stakeholder. If you would like me tell you more about them, feel free to ask.

Hive is da best!

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