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What we need is ‘Sign-up with your Facebook credentials', Twitter is good, but Facebook is the killer option and the one HIVE (or LEO) needs.

These were my exact thoughts when there was all the excitement around Twitter. I was surprised that LeoFinance went for Twitter but then realised that it is the most popular platform for crypto users.

However, for non cryptos Facebook is way more popular. I just kept thinking if I was ever gong to have a chance of signing up the communities I used to be involved in it would have to be via Facebook. Khal has said that that is coming though so, hopefully, it won't be long.

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Signup with Facebook is the key.., they may get on easier but that doesn't mean they will stick.


True. I think a major problem, and with marketing too, is that Hive is more than one thing but is talked about as though it's only one.

It could be the blogging plarform, the token or the blockchain and people talk about it without differentiating which bit they mean.

From a marketing perspective I think it would be better it they just focussed on the blockchain with all it's plus points and marketed to developers.

For bloggers it would be better to point people to specific frontends depending if they're interested in crypto or finance or gaming or music etc.

Once blogging within a specific community it would then be easier to learn about the other stuff. But as long as it's all lumped in together it will continue to be very confusing for newbies.

I actually came here from Facebook, hoping to do the creative stuff I was doing there on Steem but there wasn't a big enough community at the time. So I slipped into the photography gang. And did some general blogging.

I never transitioned to Hive nor went back to Facebook and, as a result, the creative side of my life has dwindled and I've ended up gaming. Gaming?!!! Bloody hell. How did that happen?

Wandered a bit off topic there. 😂


I like the games, some are better than others. Some are nice generators of HIVE..