Cub Will Find the Floor

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I know a lot of people are probably starting to panic as the price of cub drops below $4, but I'm not worried. It's a new token and just like any other project when it kicks off and the initial excitement ends, it has to find the floor.


Need to find a Base

Just like Magic and Pokemon cards have an MSRP that wholesale distributors can get product and bulk and large investment firms can get in early and cheaper to buy in bulk, there are some people that jumped in cub for the quick buck and are going to look to try and get out as quickly as possible to get their money back.


I have a feeling after the halving next week and interest drops again price will stabilize around $2 - $3 from there and will only go up from there. Below is a picture of what Wan did when it first released and you can see the "early investors" dumped their Wan for their quick profit as quickly as possible.


I have a stash of some liquid crypto set aside for when I start to see cub start rounding the bottom and increasing in strength. I'll hopefully be able to scoop up one last stack of cub and then ride it to the moon over the next 5 - 10 years.

After all, even if the price of cub just stabilized, getting over 100% APR on my investment per year may not be great in crypto, but I'm happy to double the value my stack for the foreseeable future.


After all with the constant burns of cub and the leobridge coming in the future, I don't understand how anyone can not be long-term bullish on Cub. With the Leo community being so bullish on Thorchain, it's only a matter of time before Leo is actively buidling on that chain as well.

As leo and hive continue to create value for those on this chain as well as leveraging fast cheap transactions for users on other blockchains, I can't imagine how hive and its communities won't continue to explode and grow in value.

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