Scottsdale's newest coin although a bit late

Hi Stackers, The terracotta army in China is still on my list of sites I would liek to visit but now instead they come a little closer…

There goes my biggest Panda

Hi stackers, With crypto markets going crazy I am happy that sivle rand gold are holding their ground. But I am still selling the high…

Insane in the brain

Hi Stackers, Amidst the total ruins of the cryptomarket I come to you with a new coin design. Just when you things cannot go crazier…

Last of the Rwanda sales

Dear Stackers, The below lots are the last of my African Wildlife coins. after the succesfull sale of the older years I now sell the…

Marketing is everywhere

Hi Investors, Do you recognize that? You watch a certain car on google once and the google advertising software keeps stalking you with…

Flashcrash and Titanic

Hi Investors, I noticed two things "going down" today: The European stock market on 10 AM CET experienced a flash crash . In a…

Auctioning coins (cont.)

Hi Hivers, Liquidity is an important thing with investments. We all know a share or bond is sold easily and quickly all day round on…
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New Announcement - It's Time to Pump It Up!

Here at Psyber-X, we are truly grateful for all of you who support us! We are building more than just a game. It truly is a Psyberverse…

The new 2022 Lion dollar (restrikes)

Hi Investors, Looking for a way to spend some surplus money watch thsi. The Royal Dutch Mint just published the new Lion dolars 2022…

Proof Britannia 2014 Beauty and beast

Hi Stackers, Our own Welshie showed the design of the 2022 Britannia and it comes near the fabulous design of 2014. In 2014 I bought 4…

Clovis to Republic Final part

Hi Historians As promised the last part of the Clovis to Republic portraits. Let's go immediately to the pics of the 1/4 ouncgold…

Buyer is not paying

Hi Stackers Another experience with my attempts to sell some high premium coins. The lot below is "sold" but the highest bidder…

Blog #165: From Obsession To Fortune (Part-1): Mr. Cata-al's Coin Collections

Happy Thursday Hivers! I've met a man (his age is around late 60s or early 70s) who owns a museum in Valencia, Negros

Sexy goats!

So today I decided to show off my biggest and chunkiest silver coin, a 2 oz piece that I got from @goldroosteer a couple months ago…

Does Jacob Sonenshine give a shit ?

Hi Investors, Today I noticed this article header on Yahoo Finance I knew Wallstreet is full of sharks but this article is written…

Stocks get a beating again

Dear Investors, Apart form gold and silver and cash I have a considerable amount of money invested in stocks. And with some bad days…

Ukraine Russia

Dear Hivers, The saddest day in my life. The 5 foot dictator in Russia has fooled the whole world and starts a full war against a…

My gold treasure Clovis - Republic part 2

Dear Hivers Today I show you some more of my Clovis to Republic gold coin series minted by the Monnaie de Paris between 2011 and…

Investing views

Hi Hivers, This week will be a very important week for making the right investment decissions. Let me explain; from a European…

Five ounce Pharaoh in guilded silver

Hi Hivers, We probable will be burried in wood or burnt in flames but for Pharaos that was different in the ole Egypt days. The body was…