Lions vs. Dragons- LPUD!

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Leo Finance, you'd better watch out, doom is headed your way! A pack of dragons approaches, and they thirst for Lion blood! Defend the den!
The leathery wings of the elder dragon sliced through the surface of the water with each flap. Justsun could see the distant land that rumors spoke of on the horizon, taking form with a promise of loot. His kin had come along for the adventure, despite his assurances that surely one little lion pack couldn't be too hard to handle solo.

He eyed the fledglings they had brought along, young dragons whose scales had not yet turned the dark emerald tone that marked maturity in their species. Today, he would teach them how you brought glory to the great Dracon empire!

Photo by Sponchia

"Come now children, you know it is a big day for the pack tomorrow." the lioness nudges her cubs towards the den. There was something in the shape the clouds took off the coast that raised her hackles, yet she could not put a name to it. Stretching her massive paws out in the cool sand, she reminded herself that everything was as it should be.

Nuzzling her husband in greeting as she arrives back home, she nods to the great warriors of their tribe. Tomorrow they would undertake their monthly ceremony to honor the mighty blocks.

Their den connected to a vast cave system, some said you could reach distant lands if you traveled through their depths. In other lands, there were talking whales, those who only spoke in triplicate, and even places where everyone was a musician. At least, if you listened to hearsay there were.

Rumors aside, one thing is for certain. They weren't the only tribe that celebrated this focal point, a glimmering asset that rejuvenated the spirits of their people. Providing strength reciprocally. Each month, they brought their offerings to the altar, and each one grew in size!


On the morning of LPUD, which was an ancient word- it's meaning eroded with the stones of time, the pride gathered. Each one held their contribution to the great blocks in their jaws, ready to ascend below and pay their respects.

Suddenly, a great roar filled the air, shaking the stones beneath their feet! "Cubs, to the den, NOW!" a respected figure in the pack screamed, other lions roaring their agreement in the sudden chaos of battle.

The dragons descended from the heavens, breathing fire that created a living hell before their eyes. As the cubs fled behind the heavily muscled frames of the lions, they shielded them with everything they had. A small voice squeaked out, "Quick, to the blocks! We have to grow to defend the den! The cubs raced into the cave system, hastily offering their gifts in the hopes it would be enough.

Sadly it was clear that the growth of the cubs was not enough to defeat the evasion. "We have to sacrifice ourselves." one cub cried, the determination shaking in his voice. One by one, the others unexpectedly agreed. If they could hold the dragons off long enough for the lions to grow... maybe just maybe, their legacy would live on.


The lions were reluctant to leave the cubs all alone in the hellfire that rained down upon their home, but unless they gathered more strength (and fast) it looked like a slaughter of their tribe was destiny. It was a heartbreaking choice, but there was no other way.

Many cubs suffered grave injuries in the battle that came next, but many more brought glory to the pack. One cub named Dreaaa bravely jumped directly into the eyes of an elder dragon, temporarily blinding him, as they fought for their lives. Justsun, the most sinister of dragons, had been charging his ultimate attack for several hours. He was ready to turn the smattering of cubs into lion soup, when something magical happened! The first Lion reemerged from the lair.

The air stood still, not a breath or motion could be detected as he marched out from the den, dripping in a power the ancients called "stake". With a swipe of his paw, a large arrow appeared in the air, pointed towards the ground. It flew through the field at Justsun, clinging to his face with a sizzle.

He roars in the agony that seizes him, kneeling down to let his flames loose in kind.The blaze passes over the lion, and the cubs who he throws his body over in protection. They blink, as the expected agony takes shape in a sort of tickling sensation.

The dragons have no power here, the last thing they see is the sharp teeth of a vicious tribe. Fluff around and find out 😎


There's my tiny 200 LP contribution in our campaign against the dragons. Thanks to the lions who held it down today! 😉😁 Original inspiration came from leogrowth's pre-LPUD post!

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