My dCity :: Building SIM Power from 0 to 3+Mil & Growing - Come Join dCity & Earn Passive Income As HIVE Tokens...

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Hey All,


Last, when I looked at my dCity was like 11 days ago and that point in time, I had decided that I would be focusing on building my SIM power. Just incase if you don't know what SIM is, its the in game currency of the dCity game which is built on HIVE blockchain. Most of the time, I was trading SIM for other tokens Or was buying in new cards. But, when my focus shifted to building SIM power, I had been just focusing to accumulate as many SIM as I can.. and the status today is 3+Mil. SIM power...


Like two weeks ago, I was having close to 400K+ SIM power that can be depicted in the above image. And today the status of SIM power that I have accumulated is almost touching 4+Mil. As a result of which this is getting me somewhere around 1+ HIVE rewards.


SIM power holding rewards for 1.7+ Mil is 1+ HIVE. But my current status of SIM HOLDing is 4+Mil and in dur course of time. My rewards for HOLDing SIM power would be almost doubled i.e. 2+ HIVE daily rewards for just HOLDing SIM Power. This becomes my passive income daily, with which I can do anything like build more SIM power or swap other HIVE-engine tokens of my interest like LEO, SPS, VOUCHERs and others. You get the flexibility with the passive income you are generating without worrying about anything too lose.

My GOAL for SIM Power - 5+Mil...

How far do I want to get with accumulating SIM power? There is no limit to accumulating tokens, hence one should be setting some GOALs for themselves, so that you can feel happy about it that you achieved what you had set for yourself. I like this way of setting GOALs for myself, as it also helps you to keep focus and building what you want to really have or focus your efforts on and at the same time redirect your passive income into the right direction.


So now that you have a target for yourself. You need to act upon it, isn't? Therefore, slowly and gradually I have been swapping most of my HIVE for SIM and the same can be seen from the above swap trades. I'll continue doing the same until, I reach my target of having 5+Mil SIM power. As of today the current status is as follows::


approaching 4+Mil SIM power pretty soon. And with the current price of SIM which is 0.0004 HIVE for 1 SIM equates to $1K+ dollars. I didn't do the math as of now, as to how much HIVE i got via the ranking and SIM power rewards, this just continues to grow and I'm looking forward to making my dCity one of the best cities here on the HIVE blockchain and earn a consistent passive income from it. cheers..

Have Your Say... Howz your dCity Forming?

Did you make any recent adjustments/changes to your dCity? Are you accumulating SIM and to gain the ranking rewards? What's' your strategy looking like? Please let me know in the comment section below...

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I also want to build SIM power but when I see any card useful for me, on reasonable price I can not stop myself buying the card. But yes, SIM power gives a lucrative passive income. Also, there is a proposal of reducing SIM holding rewards up to 200-250 Hives instead of currently maximum 300 Hives per day. In that case, there will be impact on passive income.


I would vote for not changing the reward pattern for SIM holding. Rather increase it and make it more compelling for people to HOLD more SIM power. Cheers