Rebus Chain Airdrop - Who is eligible? And $REBUS token distribution rule...

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Hey All,


Recently, I stumbled upon the news regarding the $REBUS Airdrop. Visit Rebus Website for full details. Coming directly to the point; as to who all are eligible for the $REBUS token and how much lets dive into it.

$REBUS Airdrop:: $ATOM, $OSMO, $EVMOS $ $WAX Stakers

People who had staked $ATOM, $OSMO, $EVMOS are eligible for the Airdrop. The snapshot for Cosmos, Osmosis and Evmos was taken on the 14th of July so as to confirm wallets and how much tokens were staked. Apart from the Cosmos eco space we have members of the $WAX community also eligible for the $REBUS airdrop.


I was HOLDing my $EVMOS and kept on building it, ever since $EVMOS was airdropped. Most of my daily staking rewards went back to the staking pool. Currently, the $EVMOS staking rewards APR is still close to 300%. With my 664+ $EVMOS staked, I am getting somewhere around 5+ $EVMOS daily, that's $10+ daily considering todays $EVMOS price which is up 22% today and is trading at $2.70+. And right now the situation is that I am redirecting all these rewards to swap it for $KUJI tokens.

$REBUS token distribution rules

The $REBUS token distribution rules are based on how much tokens has been staked for the above mentioned blockchains which are:: Cosmos, Osmosis and Evmos. Simple math is higher the stake, higher is the number of $REBUS tokens would be distributed.

People who had EVMOS staked on or before July 14th, 2022, will receive $REBUS based on the following rules:


People who had OSMO staked on or before July 14th, 2022, will receive $REBUS based on the following rules:


And finally, People who had ATOM staked on or before July 14th, 2022, will receive $REBUS based on the following rules:


For $WAX community we are yet to hear on the numbers of $REBUS tokens that would be airdropped. I am happy that I did not sell my $EVMOS airdrop immediately and now being eligible to receive this airdrop of $REBUS equals more dollars and opportunity to diversify your crypto portfolio at FREE cost.

Rebus is a regulated investment platform that uses a native utility coin, $REBUS, to allow a channel of asset managers and other financial institutions to manage and sell DeFi instruments along with their Traditional (TradFi) instruments.

There would be only 1 Bil. $REBUS tokens minted. The REBUS project altogether is trying to bring the TradFi and DeFi eco space together. To know more about the REBUSchain project visit here.

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Congrats for receiving your airdrop!

I haven't been paying attention to these airdrops on Cosmos ecosystem since the beginning. However I did claim & stake my EVMOS airdrop just before the decaying started. So do I need to do anything to claim this REDBUS airdrop or will it be dispersed automatically?


I didn't see the procedure on claim. Hoping there could be something on user side to claim though. Cheers

5 mo (edited)

Awesome. Thank you.