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Season Rewards

Remember this post of mine from two months ago? I tracked my Splinterlands earnings for the course of two weeks and found out that I had made 68.36 USD over that season.

Having spent most of my allowance as a kid on video games, I was openly excited about making as much money from playing Splinterlands for two weeks as a new blockbuster release would have cost me back then.

However, what has happened over the past few days/weeks has blown this completely out of perspective. There is no better day to emphasize how crazy things are right now than this Sunday as it is the end of another two-weeks season in Splinterlands. Every two weeks Splinterlands resets the players' ratings to a full league below what they finished the Season in. For example Gold 1 goes down to Silver 1, Gold 2 goes down to Silver 2 and so on.


The top players of each league receive DEC prize money but all other players do also get rewarded with a season reward in form of loot chests. These are the same as you earn from your daily rewards but the season rewards are much bigger. Check the league details for the exact amount of chests you will earn for reaching a certain league.


Of course, being forced down a league, daily rewards are smaller at the beginning of the season. But the season rewards well compensate for it.

Claiming my Rewards

My main account finished the season in Champion 3, the gold foil one one league lower in Diamond 3. Consequently the dailies are for Diamond 3 and Gold 3 respectively.

The current total value of cards in these openings is $24.53. image.png image.png image.png image.png Let's be honest here. These rewards sucked. Only one gold foil common. Not a single Epic or Legendary. And still this is 24 bucks!

The DEC I got in these rewards plus what I earned from battling today amounts to 4681 DEC which is $25.04.


Additional Income Streams

What started as a mere collectibles card game is forming a true Metaverse right now with several different earning opportunities.

In addition to those loot chests I earned today: ) Calculated with an exchange rate of USD:DEC = 1:0.00535 and USD:SPS = 1:0.493


743 DEC for renting out cards -> $3.98 Rent_handtalk5.JPG Rent_kintarooe.JPG (Apparently, my gold cards are rented 100%, I really need to increase their prices... but I am too lazy for unlisting and relisting them. Let's hope rentals v2.1 are released soon as those will include a 'change price' function.


412 SPS from the daily airdrop -> $203.12


The season end coincided with the monthly big live tournament, the Brawler. This tournament distributes over 1,000 USD worth of prize money to the winners ranked 1-128th. I like that the prizes are spread out over so many spots, so not just the three dozen of the best players win but others have a chance as well.

Luck was not on my side this time, though and I got paired up against @jrvacation in round 1. He scored top 15th place of all players last season. Needless to say, I got slaughtered. Meanwhile, my alt got crushed by @warrentrx who is also among the best 100 players and scored place 75 in the last season.

However, only 12 players had to play round 1 (did I mention that I was unlucky with my main, already?) and my alt belonged to the group getting a bye into round 2. So, despite losing the first pairing, it still made it to rank 125 with a payout of 1250 DEC. Minus 20 DEC entry fee that's $6.58 earned. image.png


$56.15 playing
'+ $3.98 renting
'+ $203.12 airdrop
'*= $263.25 total


A full time job?

Seriously, as long as the airdrop continues at this level and every game asset is as valuable as it is, me my wife and daughter could easily live off just me playing Splinterlands. And that is from somebody not living in the Philippines or Venezuela but in the middle of Europe.

Of course, it would be reckless to make any decision into that direction based on something as volatile as crypto but as things are right now, I am bringing home a third income from 1-2 hours of pursuing my hobby each day!

We can be sure that even if the value of cards, DEC and SPS starts to drop, Splinterlands will remain a lucrative way of spending ones game time. On top of what we already have, additional income streams will soon enter the stage with SPS staking rewards starting on August 2nd, guilds brawls 2.0 allowing us to earn mighty gladiator cards, and the land expansion upcoming that passively will earn land owners resources to craft spells.


Promo offer for new players/investors: Use my ref link and contact me here or on discord (handtalk5#6665). I will get a $0.50 referrer bonus if you buy the summoner’s spellbook to unlock the Play2Earn features. If I can confirm you as a referral who made the purchase, I will return that to you in form of Splinterlands cards. Just message me the card(s) you want for up to $0.50 and I will get them off the market for you.

Disclaimer: No financial advice included in this article. Just sharing my personal experience. Do your own research!

Some links in the article might be referral links, feel free to use other sign-up methods.

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