5(maybe 10) Minute Freewrite Day 1075 - Project Bag

What the hell is in that thing? Ellen wondered every single day she sat in that office. Every day for over 4 years. [Source](

5 Minute Freewrite Day 1069 - Fungus

Source Day 179 since the pandemic hit close to home. Papillon had lost track of how many days since the p

Freewrite Day 1061 - Bar Stool

Source He had grown tired of the same old neon walls. The same old mirror. The same old pictures. The same

Freewrite Day 1060 - Mystified

Source Why did I ever call that phone number? Emilia was spiraling. Something that seemed so innocent, so inter

5 Minute Freewrite day 1040 - Revenge

How COULD he? He walks away as always. With a simple reassurance that he will be back soon. He always comes back , but his…