10,000 Hours - Hour 24

12:24 am. Love of my life by my side, fast asleep. TV off. Nerves on. Silence. Aside from the occasional fart coming from my perfect…

Rural Skate Adventures- Empty Inn Pool

(y'all really don't need to read all this shit if you don't want to. clip at bottom) Yo Skate Hive. This is my first post in the…

5(maybe 10) Minute Freewrite Day 1075 - Project Bag

What the hell is in that thing? Ellen wondered every single day she sat in that office. Every day for over 4 years. [Source](

What Is Evergreen Content And Why You Should Write Them On Leo

The reason I'm posting this on Leo is because evergreen content will not only bring viewers into Leo short term but also long term. When…

5 Minute Freewrite Day 1069 - Fungus

Source Day 179 since the pandemic hit close to home. Papillon had lost track of how many days since the p

Bleeding Radio #1 - El Polen (1972) - Valecha

Brief Intro *I previously wrote a series of music "reviews"(for lack of a better word) on a different blockchain platform. I have since…

Freewrite Day 1061 - Bar Stool

Source He had grown tired of the same old neon walls. The same old mirror. The same old pictures. The same