How to Boost Hive Experience Using LeoThreads

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Leothreads is a twitter alternative platform for microblogging on Leofinance which is also a soft corner on hive ecosystem for every person.

Ever since I started using Leothreads more often and actively I have noticed some of changes which improved my hive experience over the time and decided to share with all.

Consume and Making of Short form Content on Leothreads

Most of the time when a person get tired on internet than reading long form content becomes hard.

Joeys Delayed Reaction 24012023010154.jpg
And also that person wants to be on hive and connect with people to keep up with engagement. So, everytime I feel tired of reading anything long I simply consume and make short form content on Leothreads which is simply fun and easy.

short form content is Monetized on Leothreads

Monetized in a Decentralized way like hive voting if someone like your thread that person might upvote it and you'll earn $LEO.

Almost more than half of my threads on Leothreads are monetized like it had earned some amount of $LEO which increased my LP stake meanwhile on twitter or other web 2.0 platform it is not possible.

Increase visibility on Hive using Leothreads

Engagement is a way to make yourself visible on the platform and Leothreads is one way to connect with new people and to make new connections.

A simple thread like "GM Fren" can start a whole new discussion on some topic which is kinda fun way to start a day on hive Blockchain.

Free to give opinion or share thoughts of any kind on Leothreads


Thread's Give a more better environment to share what you simply like and want to do quality, has nothing to do with microblogging.

It is more about sharing point of view, thoughts and opening new discussions which is free to do.

on twitter or web 2.0 there are certain discussion or topics that might get you banned or censored meanwhile Leothreads respects freedom of speech.

So, Leothreads is a safe spot to share thoughts or opinion and lions Respect everyone.

wrapping up...

As of now Leothreads is kind of my soft corner on hive and it will become more fun in coming time when short form videos content will be possible to share on threads.

There are plenty of memes on Leothreads which is also trending and much more in one place.

Also Tell me Your favorite part about Leothreads in comments.

Your support is much appreciated. Don't Forget to hit Upvote, Comment and Re-blog.
Thanks for reading.

All the content and images are mine except indicated. No copyright infringement intended - 24/01/2023.

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Great memes! 😅😂 !MEME


Thanks bro. !LUV !PIZZA


Here's a wall of !GIF !LOLZ !MEMES 😂


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He just needed a little space.

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Thanks! !LOLZ


Why did the banker quit his job?
He lost interest.

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Excelente información estaré dando un vistazo





Nice work mate! Gotta love those memes! 😅

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Thanks mate. Haha! Have more memes to share on Threads!


Keep 'em coming!


I think I'll soon start using leothreads too, I haven't done it yet because fortunately I have enough time and I'm using it to write and above all read many posts, interact and create new connections.

Surely threads will become a viable alternative if my time starts to run low.

Thanks for sharing your experience!


Glad to hear. It's fun there and sure you'll enjoy and gonna make new connections and engagement.

You're doing Good tho. Whenever feels like threading Go for it. Thanks for stopping by bro.


Love your memes 😅😅😅


Hehe, more coming on threads. !PIZZA


Thanks! Love pizza 🍕😁

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Leothreads is easy and fun and I am sure lot of people are going to use it.. No restrictions or criteria to follow..

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Indeed. A lot are already using and new one's are coming almost every other day. So, it's becoming more interesting.



Thank for sharing this one and those memes.😁
Will surely try this.


Glad to share and yeah, sure give it a try!



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You are doing great on Leofi..😊 keep it up


Thank you Jane.



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