#MyLEOGoals: Getting There l Happy Bday Hive!

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First off, today is Hive's Birthday. A great day to celebrate and in case you didn't know, there's a special Hive Power Birthday initiated by theycallmedan, blocktrades and others where they have put up some really juicy Hive Power Delegation as prizes for the lucky participants who stake at least 10 HIVE today and follow some simple requirements, re:

Source: HivePowerBday Initiative

*I just did my special power up and here's to Hive's 3rd Birthday and many more to come!

And if you haven't participated, I invite you to go for it! Remember to do it on UTC time.

It's still a win-win even if you don't win any of the prizes. You grow your stakes and almost everything follows - more value for your vote, hence more curation rewards, more weight on your say on Hive governance, more Resource Credits, and more interest on your Hive Power.

Aren't we here for the long-term? Then let's power up!

Meanwhile, I take this chance to update how I'm faring with my LEO and Hive goals. I joined the Saturday Savers Club in January and we are now on Week 11. It just makes me feel joyful seeing how the numbers are increasing, albeit slowly. This definitely proves that as long as we keep going, it will continue to grow.

👉 Leo Power: 43% growth from January (7536 LP to 10,782 LP) 👉 Hive Power: 48% growth from January (624 HP to 925 HP)

Looking at the numbers, I'm less than half away from my 15k LEO Power and Hive Power goals for the year. Thanks to LeoThreads and to some long-form content created inconsistently through other frontends - i.e. Liketu, Actifit among others.

Apart from the usual routes, I have also been a lucky recipient to Leo Power for ranking on the first Crew3 Race so it will surely increase my LEO curation rewards. Do note that the second Crew3 sprint will commence on the 5th April with a $10k USD prize pool so be ready. If you haven't signed up yet, jump aboard now! You will need an invitation to do so and you can click here for one.

Also, if you are finding it difficult to stay accountable in working towards your goals, I invite you to join us in the Saturday Savers Club where we get to check our progress on a weekly basis and derive inspiration from others as well. Do check out this FAQs post for more information. If you are into savings, you might want to utilize the 365 Penny A Day Challenge which I personally find to be really helpful on my other goal to save HIVE and HBD on my main account.

Happy new week and yep, Happy Birthday, Hive!


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