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This first of December marks my 12-month streak participating in the Hive Power Up Day (HivePUD) which I started since January this year. I would say that I'm a late boomer here on Hive because I only learned about the initiative 8 months after I created my account. Hive to me was so puzzling and my befuddled brain could not comprehend but that's because I wasn't really into "learning" about it.

Initially, my Resource Credits were usually not enough to stay active which prompted me to buy some HIVE from the exchange and stake. But even so, I still ran out of RCs most times. Thanks to a beautiful soul (coquicoin) for walking with me through those times, we began to discover the beauty of Hive.

Along with participating in the monthly HivePUD was also doing the Power Up Month (PUM) which for those who are new to the blockchain and might be wondering, it is staking or powering up at least one HIVE every day for the rest of any given month. And today is also my 335th day of daily power up. Both HivePUD and PUM have helped me cultivate the habit of discipline and consistency. So you see, there's more to do and learn here, not only socializing and earning, but we also acquire and develop good discipline by being here on the Hive blockchain.

A level 2 power up today (50HP) brought me to 7k Hive Power, crossing off my target HP for the year.


And here's to share the history of my account's growth:

MonthHive Power
January 1297
February 1588
March 11061
April 11704
May 12129
June 12998
July 14199
August 15139
September 15541
October 16016
November 16499
December 17000

What seemed to be impossible is actually doable. Through this, I can conclude that breaking down a goal into smaller ones makes it less overwhelming. And my heartfelt gratitude of course to those who helped me make this possible through their continuing support. Thank you indeed.. ❤

But not because I reached my Hive Power target doesn't mean I'd stop nor become complacent. The staking journey continues and so as learning, growing and discovering. There is so much more to explore and learn on this blockchain and we shall keep an open mind to many (all) of them.

*Happy HivePUD everyone and cheers to more vesting!

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