what if - a hive-engine token owner seize to exist.

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I was reading a post by @brofund today (https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@brofund/brofund-and-bro-an-in-depth-explanation-some-stats-and-future-thoughts-a-transparency-report-of-sorts ) and in that post he has raised one question - what if i die?
He talks about his contingency plans for Brofund in event something happens to him.

That raised a question in my mind, what will happen if any one of the 2nd layer token owners seized to exist.

Will the token lose its value and gradually disappear?
Do token owners have any contingency plans in place?

This is true for all the 2nd layer tokens including dividend earning tokens.

On the hive engine network, we have so many 2nd layer projects owned either by an individual or community.
And they are centralized and controlled by those individuals

What will happen to the projects run by those individuals?
What will happen to the account keys for the projects run by an individual for the community?

This has a direct impact on the investors and token holders.

I don't want anything bad happen to anyone.

I think every token owner on the hive engine should devise a contigency plan.

just a thought, will moving the projects from centralized to de-centralized networks help?

what do you think?


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This is a big issue, and can be catastrophic if a contingency plan is not in place. You will need to do the due diligence on each project, I am sure many have no plan.

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That raised a question in my mind, what will happen if any one of the 2nd layer token owners seized to exist.

This is always a concern for me with these tokens, especially the ones where only one person is involved. In fact I've stopped investing in them if thre are no contingency plans in place.

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Small nitpick: I think you mean "ceased to exist:. My first thoughs are if the token also has an official website and there's nobody to renew registration the official site would become defunct eventually. Does an official website add to a token's value? I believe so at least a little bit. Then I thought about a token owner not being around anymore, if that was a certainty, means there's no possibility the owner could suddenly mint all the possible tokens and flood the market with the token without warning.


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How are you dear friend @imfarhad good night
I really appreciate that you touched on this thought-provoking topic. What a dilemma?
I take advantage of to wish you a splendid night and a happy rest


My biggest concern for sure.
I don't have a beneficiary nobody in my family knows what I'm doing and if I tried to tell a daughter really could use this but no doesn't pay attention and I don't think she answers my emails and she knew she got it anyway have a good day maybe I'll be I don't know how long it takes to cash out or to do any of that stuff like power down and and also forgot what I'm going to get paid if I do get paid. Anyway that's my personal problem


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