RE: Metis Ecosystem Going Parabolic - Chainlink Integration Proves To Be a Gamechanger

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Metis is an Ethereum rollup, it is a fork of Optimims, and all transactions on Metis are actually executed on Ethereum. Metis is another layer on top of Ethereum while Avax and Fantom are completely separate chains unrelated to ETH in every possible way except EVM compatibility.

I'm not sure about selling everything at this point but I do agree that ETH is becoming the very center of almost everything. The reason I respect Metis is because it has its own token and doesn't force users to pay gas fees in ETH.

It's no secret that I'm only spending time there for the money. I don't believe in an Ethereum future but I do believe that opportunities come and go with every passing fad. Might as well take my chances while I still can.

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