Cub Finance: Learning about Impermanent Loss and Liquidity Pools

I learned a few things during my first experience in liquidity pools in Cub Finance . Before this I only staked my CUB airdrop int

First Month as a Publish0x Author

image source Since HIVE is a blogging platform, I have seen many people cross-post

May HPUD and Monthly Goals

Today is the 1st day of May and it is the monthly HPUD (HIVE Power Up Day). As I have stated in one of my previous HPUD , I had…

A million SPORTS token staked

I believe I reached a huge milestone in crypto where I actually have a million of a token. This token happens to be the SPORTS token and I…

WAX Blockchain: Changes to deal with high network traffic

image source There were some changes and concerns I have towards the World Asset Exchange (WAX) block c

Leofinance and Ecency Contest

image source This is my entry into the [Leofinance and Ecency Contest](https:

Free PC/Laptop - 1 week left to self nominate! - Not clickbait

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello, LBIer's. I seem to always post about something non-fund related on Thursday's but today, let's after…

Saturday Saver's Club Backward Challenge

image credit The [new Saturday's Saver Challenge](

Engagement is rewarded on LeoFinance and 600 Leo Power Achieved

source Currently there are many ways that engagement is rewarded

Why am I here? How did I get to Hive?

source I never really made a post about how I got to HIVE and why I am still around.

WAX Block Chain Overview

The World Asset Exchange (WAX) block chain is a fork of the EOS block chain that focuses on NFTs. I have been using it for a few…

Saturday Saver's Club Challenge and Goal Progress

This is part of the Saturdays Saver Challenge and I was originally participating through fiat. But I decided to restart it on HIVE…

LeoFinance community Donation Drive - Check for more details

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello LBIer's, last week I wrote about the idea of collectively coming together as a community, not just…

HPUD, April Goals and Powering up LEO

Today is the 1st day of April and it is the month HPUD (HIVE Power Up Day). As I have stated in my March HPUD , I had Resource Credits…

Generating wealth by saving every month

Many of us dream of having enough wealth to buy whatever we desire. However we just continue to live our daily lives and spend our money…

Sample LBI Proposal

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello LBIer's, today we are going to look at a "sample" of an LBI proposal. The GOV team will soon release…

Voting upon weekly dividends - 2nd vote

Dear LBI holders, 3 months have passed, since we had our initial vote on the payout of weekly dividends. As announced in the…

Hive Power up Day and March Goals

Today is the first day of March and I want to participate in the Hive Power Up Day (HPUD). When I finished my first month on the block…

Hive Power up Day and 100 HP goal reached

As part of the HIVE powerup day Challenge, I always planned to power up at least the minimum. I decided to convert most of my HBD into…

# Splinter Stats Season 42 Report Card

@jfang003 Hello this is my season report card. I hope to find out what I did well on and what I didn't do so well on this season. ![](