Cub Finance: Kingdoms and my plan

Cub Finance is a Defi Platform created by the LeoFinance team. In my previous post about Cub Finance , I talked about how…

Milestone Achieved: 1,000 HIVE Power and LEO Power

Today marks the day I achieved a stake of 1,000 HIVE and LEO on my account. I am bullish about both of these tokens and I believe that…

July HIVE Power Up Day and Monthly Goals

It is the first of July and it is time for another HIVE power up day. We had a HBD pump before the hard fork took place so I managed to…

Why EVERYONE Should Visit LeoMarketTalk Daily....

Every day the users of LeoFinance get on their phones or computers and check out what's going on in LeoFinance. They see arti

Saturday Saver's Challenge Progress

image credit The Saturday Saver's Club goal is to teach peop

Cub Finance: Entering the CUB/BUSD Defi Farm

Cub Finance is a Defi Platform with a lot of potential so

Exode: My Planet NFT and Tips to get your own

Currently there is a incentive to get some extra Exode NFTs for posting Exode content and I have chosen to talk about my planet NFT.…

June HPUD and Monthly Goals

Now that we are at the 1st of June, I need to set my monthly goals and power up some HIVE. When I first started, I had some issues with…

Cub Finance: How to stake in a FARM

I am going to talk about how to add liquidity to a Farm in Cub Finance . In one of my [previous post](

1k POB staked goal reached

image source One of the more recent communities in HIVE that came out is the Proof Of Brain tribe . As it is

Cub Finance: Learning about Impermanent Loss and Liquidity Pools

I learned a few things during my first experience in liquidity pools in Cub Finance . Before this I only staked my CUB airdrop int

First Month as a Publish0x Author

image source Since HIVE is a blogging platform, I have seen many people cross-post

May HPUD and Monthly Goals

Today is the 1st day of May and it is the monthly HPUD (HIVE Power Up Day). As I have stated in one of my previous HPUD , I had…

A million SPORTS token staked

I believe I reached a huge milestone in crypto where I actually have a million of a token. This token happens to be the SPORTS token and I…

WAX Blockchain: Changes to deal with high network traffic

image source There were some changes and concerns I have towards the World Asset Exchange (WAX) block c

Leofinance and Ecency Contest

image source This is my entry into the [Leofinance and Ecency Contest](https:

Free PC/Laptop - 1 week left to self nominate! - Not clickbait

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello, LBIer's. I seem to always post about something non-fund related on Thursday's but today, let's after…

Saturday Saver's Club Backward Challenge

image credit The [new Saturday's Saver Challenge](

Engagement is rewarded on LeoFinance and 600 Leo Power Achieved

source Currently there are many ways that engagement is rewarded

Why am I here? How did I get to Hive?

source I never really made a post about how I got to HIVE and why I am still around.