RE: Splinterlands - Investing SPS to Earn in Events?

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I never really thought about checking out the tournaments but it does look like there are quite a few that you can at least break even. However, it makes me wonder if it's worth the effort sometimes because that is a ton of fights. It might make sense for the one you did and you rank high enough to guarantee a return.

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Tournaments battles depend on how many players in it. The one I am currently signed up for I just finished round 1 which had 12 battles. It’s a any time tournament so have half a day to setup my formations but it really only took me 5 minutes to go through all 12 battles. 1 sps is over 5 cents but what if rises to $1? I’ll keep earning sps where I can. !WINE !LOL


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Why are farmers always winning awards?
Because they're outstanding in their field.

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