RE: People Still Do Not See How Cryptocurrency Is The Answer

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There is definitely a huge change and many companies will die if they can't adapt. It's amazing how fast companies go out of date.

I personally remember Gamestop as the example of a company which I believed had a great future but has essentially dropped rock bottom due to not realizing change. When it first came out, customer service was great and games were cheaper compared to other places. However as things turned digital, both games and walkthroughs became something people needed less. I don't like how the store is only pursuing profits and their change towards digital was too late. I still think the company can survive and restructure to current standards but I have yet to see their conviction to do so yet.

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It is a story we see happening over and over. Kodak and Blockbuster are the epitome but there are other examples. Circuit City along with Radio Shack were very successful chains that ended up bankrupt.

Over the next decade, we will see a lot more.

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