Bought and staked some CMDX

A project I'm developing a keen interest in is Comdex. They are building a Dex for synthetic assets, focusing on Commodities, as well as…

Comdex launch is underway.

Comdex is building a "Decentralized Synthetics Exchange". Synthetic assets will be minted by collateralizing assets from the Cosmos…

Ask LEO - What are your plans for the Speak Airdrop?

The Speak Network, headed by @theycallmedan and @starkerz have an airdrop coming, with the snapshot happening on Jan 6 2022. I'm pretty…

LeoAlpha weekly metrics insights - 1 Dec.

Hey everyone, each week we take a look at how the Leofinance platform is tracking with some metrics and insights from various sources and…

Change of plans - stacking HBD

Over the weekend, I have been having a think about my savings plans, and future. One of the main triggers for this change in direction…

LeoAlpha weekly curation digest 2

The LeoAlpha project's aim is to spotlight the best content posted to Leofinance, and promote these posts to external audiences. It's been…

Cosmos airdrop Season underway - Desmos (DSM) now claimable.

The Cosmos eco-system has a number of airdrops coming to participants over the coming months. Last week, in this post I highlighted a…

Zcash (ZEC) moving to POS, joining the Cosmos?

An interesting proposal came out from Electric Coin Co (ECC), The company that launched and continues to support ZCash. Best known as a…

Introducing "The Floor NFT". An Eth based NFT project.

Most of the Ethereum NFT craze completely passed me by. It all seemed too expensive, and with the way ETH GAS fees have been, I never…

LeoAlpha's first weekly curation digest

The LeoAlpha project's aim is to spotlight the best content posted to Leofinance, and promote these posts to external audiences. Here is…

Getting started in Cosmos (ATOM) - Beginners Guide

The Cosmos eco-system has been booming lately, with a seemingly never ending array of new projects launching, all linked by the magic of…

Spinvest-Leo weekly update 20Nov

Hey everyone, Usually I process all the transactions and report them each week in the discord channel for @spinvest. Basically, I do…

Cosmos Airdrops - Multiple incoming - updated guide.

Cosmos Airdrops The Cosmos eco-system loves airdrops, with just a couple of the notable success stories being Osmosis and Juno. There…

LeoAlpha update - 3rd weekly look at Leofinance metrics.

Greetings Leofinance community. Each week, this report will be produced to focus on the performance and growth (hopefully) of the…

LeoAlpha update - 2nd weekly look at Leofinance metrics.

This week I have mainly been working on LeoAlpha's twitter presence , as well as starting to build a Reddit group and posting the first…

Osmosis progress update - OSMO now top 100.

Those following me would know that Osmosis is one of my favorite projects. For the record, I am heavily invested, having close to 50% of…

My First Dabble on Polygon - Bought some KLIMA

I've been seeing some talk here and there about a project on Polygon called KLIMA. I've seen it mentioned in Leofinance discord a few…

If feels like Crypto is winning in Australia.

In recent weeks, it feels to me like the tide is turning here in Australia. I'm not refering in this case to our governments (State and…

2021 - looking back and looking forward.

As we approach the run to the end of the year, I thought it might be a good time to look back at my goals at the start of the year, review…

LeoAlpha update: Weekly look at Leofinance progress and growth.

Greetings Lions, As part of the Leo Alpha project, I intend to produce two posts per week. The first one, each Wednesday, will look at…