Cub Finance's Audit report is in.

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Cub Finance has been audited by Certik, and the results are in. Overall, the project rates very highly and live monitoring currently rates Cub Finance with a 92 score. Let's take a closer look at what this means, and how this rating will continue to improve over time.

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The full report:

You can find the complete detailed report at this link. I am the wrong person to deep dive in to the technical details, but my non-dev assessment is that it all sounds pretty good. The issues that were raised in the report have all been addressed, with all but one fixed and the last one acknowledged. Like I said, I don't really understand it all, so I won't dive in much more than that.

Live monitoring:

The great thing here is that the project will be monitored on an ongoing basis. Certik is well respected and through regular automatic checks, we will have confidence that Cub remains safe. As a community, we already knew that Cub was safe from Rug pulls, but its nice to know that the likelihood of other exploits or attacks is low.

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So, how does Cub compare?

Cub's overall rank is 118, but I have no idea how that is measured. More importantly, is the score ranking. To see were we stand, I clicked on the score tab of the leading projects, and it puts them in order of score. First good news is that Cub is on the first page, and when you count down the list it is in place number 25.

Of particular interest is what other projects are similarly rated:


I'm delighted to see that Cub has the same rating score as Band Protocol (a top 150 crypto), Bancor (one of the first AMM protocols, predating even Uniswap) and is 1 point ahead of Tether. I'm not too sure if that is really something to promote, but given Tether is a $40 billion project, it's bragging rights for sure.

Looking further up and down the list, PancakeSwap is only 1 point ahead with a 93 score, and Cub easily outranks many other Binance Smart Chain projects. Most interesting is that Goose Finance, the base that Cub was forked from, rates a score of 85. To know that Cub has a much higher ranking than Goose, one of the leading BSC projects, is greatly reassuring.

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Room For Improvement.

Cub's 92 score can very easily rise, with one key area of underperformance. The main issue here is not even a problem, it's just that Cub is only newly being monitored, and this metric has not been tracked with enough data yet.

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The main thing holding Cub's score from an even higher ranking is the "Market C=Volatility" score. This is in progress, and monitoring trading volume/liquidity/depth. I would assume that as Certik continue to monitor these metrics over time, that score will improve. Not entirely sure, but that measure seems to be the major opportunity for continued improvement in Cub's score over time.

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Overall, the Audit result is excellent news for Cub Finance. It's exciting to see that Cub rates almost as high as PancakeSwap - the pioneer on BSC, and much higher than Goose, the base layer Cub was cloned from. This shows that @khaleelkazi and his team have taken the safety and security of Cub Finance very seriously, and worked hard to provide us with the most secure platform they possibly can. This high rating should also serve to reassure the BSC crowd, now we just have to get the word out.

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