RE: Taking A Look At Commodo - The New Lending And Borrowing Platform Being Built On Comdex

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Commodo will be an interesting use case built on Comdex. I'm looking forward to playing some strategies with this.

  • Deposit CMDX staking rewards into a vault each day to mint some CMST.
  • Deposit minted CMST into Commodo.
  • Add yield from lending CMST back into the vault with staking rewards to keep growing the positions.
  • Rinse and repeat every day.

Risks being:

  • Liquidation of CMDX vault - low risk due to extra collateral being added every day.
  • Platform risk on Commodo of deposited CMST.
  • Yield on CMST being low/not worth the effort.

Just one play I am thinking of.

Can't wait till these platforms go live.

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Dude that is a solid strategy... I like it, may steal it, lol


Haha, steal away - but NFA, I don't know if it will work.

I did expand this thought process out into a post of its own.

Next thing for me to research is to look into if I can learn enough to run a validator of my own. Not very technical, but will research. I know bare-metal is the gold standard, but pretty sure I'm not capable of that. Thinking of running on Akash, but gotta learn a lot more first.

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Should look into running an Akash node on Akash network!