Pyre & Countess Sinash Combo

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One of the impacts of the new cards is we get to have options of cards to choose from to impact of deck and lineup positively.

I have not been using my Fire deck like I wish to, Water and Life are my most used element and I am trying to balance the use of my deck for fights.

Since I upgraded COUNTESS SINASH to level 2 for the Swift ability, I have been taking advantage of SINASH and PYRE'S speed on the battlefield which are bringing me victories that I normally would have lost.

In this battle, I take us through how I dominated the battle with COUNTESS SINASH and PYRE combo.

The Summoners

Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
TARSAFire+1 Melee & Health
My SummonerElementAbility
PYREFire+1 Speed
image.png image.png

[*Battle Ruleset


Lost Magic

Super Sneak



Being a Lost Magic ruleset, ANTOID PLATOON was a good fit for the frontline for my opponent and me. With the shield ability, damage from melee and range attacks is reduced. The Scavenger ability makes ANTOID PLATOON a tough monster to get rid of. My PYRE needs to be upgraded to level 5 to take advantage of the Scavenger ability of PLATOON.


FLAME MONKEY takes up the second spot in my lineup, it has the Repair ability from level 5 and Swift ability at max level. Those are vital abilities for a card with 1 mana cost.


SCORCH FIEND was there in the third spot with zero mana cost, it had a good time putting in the Sneak attack.


I want ARKEMIS THE BEAR for the Halving ability and I've got it. And I have been enjoying its addition to my deck. It comes in not only with a Halving ability but with a Protection ability giving +2 Armor to friendly monsters. Cutting GRUM'S attack into halfway a moment of the battle I enjoyed.


CORNEALUS found a great spot in my lineup, it was the fifth spot where it could see attacks from any direction and was always ready to do damage to melee attacks with the Thorns ability while the Heal ability keeps its Health replenished. To date, no one knows where CORNEALUS came from.


COUNTESS SINASH is hot and with her hotness comes her Swift attacks always attacking the weakest. EXPLODING RATS was at the receiving end as it was swiftly taken out by SINASH.

The Swift and Opportunity abilities of COUNTESS SINASH make it a good combination with PYRE for speed and before my opponent could settle into the battle, my lineup had done damage that put me on the edge that led to a dominant victory.




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