LeoGlossary: Abilities

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SplinterGlossary: Abilities

They represent card attributes that give special bonuses to the card having them, their team or hurt the opposing team. Not all cards have abilities and some cards gain (more of) them as they are leveled up. Both summoners and monsters can have them, and they can be classified as: card-specific abilities group-targeting abilities

Card-specific abilities can: offer a bonus to the card/a different friendly card inflict damage to or impair the enemy(ies)

Group-targeting abilities can: offer a bonus to own team debuff the enemy team

This is a list of abilities, by their type.

*Card-specific abilities offering a bonus to the card having it: blast bloodlust camouflage close range conscript (summoners-specific) deathblow divine shield dodge double strike enrage flying forcefield fury giant killer heal immunity knock out last stand life leech opportunity oppress phase piercing reach rebirth recharge reflection shield scattershot scavenger shield sneak snipe taunt trample true strike void void armor

*Card-specific abilities offering a bonus to itself or a different card: cleanse martyr (works on adjacent cards) repair resurrect (doesn't work on self) tank heal triage weapons training (works on adjacent no-attack cards)

*Card-specific abilities inflicting damage to or impairing the enemy(ies): affliction backfire cripple dispel (removes bonuses, doesn't impair) halving magic reflect poison redemption retaliate return fire shatter snare stun thorns

Group-targeting abilities offering a bonus to the friendly team: amplify inspire protect strengthen swiftness

*Group-targeting abilities debuffing the enemy team: blind demoralize headwinds rust silence slow weaken

The number of abilities keeps growing, with at least one new ability usually being introduced with every new edition.

Mastering them is very important to be successful in the Splinterlands gameplay, especially in the higher leagues.

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