Staking: A good way to grow on the hive blockchain

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One of the best way to grow on hive blockchain is to stake more of your pay out rewards on the platform.

True, this might not be all that easy, because we have to buy data and stay on the go, on the blockchain, but that do not stop the fact that, any person who can adopt this methods of staking most of it rewards into the blockchain would grow so fast.


The thing that makes some user's to either not see the growth of their account in the way it should be is because they could not stake back their rewards inorder to get higher curations.

Staking is a great income generator, the reasons why I called it this name is because, it add additional reward to your pay out, to boost you and activate more daily growth.

Not only in hive blockchain, I think in finances in general, staking has been a very crucial tool peoples used to increase their funds to a higher level.

some call it in another words like bet, investing, stake level, ground root of finances but all are the same and do the same functions to our funds.

How can a user successfully stake on hive blockchain:

A user on hive can stake through conversion of Hive Back Dollar (HBD) to hive through the internal conversion and powering up hive to become stake Hive (HP) and receive more post pay out rewards.

We can also do staking in the Hive engine, that is by buying more projects tokens that we see would earn us more rewards in the hive engine.

Hive engine tokens is a ground root to how you received each of the tribe tokens in the blockchain, that is what makes it more interesting if a person Invest his assets into the tokens he can also received more from his stake.

Tokens in the hive engine follows hive market price, immediately hive make an upward trend, there is a one hundred percent accuracy that hive engine tokens Will follow it trends.

The reasons is because there are the engine token empowers by hive that can be traded back to hive at anytime using the current market rate.

Thanks. see you next time.

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Definitely, having the mindset of staking tokens here on hive ecosystem gives you the ability to keep on growing your investing.

The best way to grow is to understand how important it is to stake every single token earned

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True, staking is a good way to grow on hive blockchain, thank you for saying this @peniel2010