Explained: How to buy SafeGalaxy tokens on the PanCakeSwap exchange

12 days ago
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Step 1:
Add the Binance Smart Chain wallet extension to your chrome.
->Binance Smart Chain Extension

Step 2:
Create an account in the Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

Step 3:
Go to SafeGalaxy their website and copy the contract address at the top of the page.
->SafeGalaxy Website

Step 4:
Go to the PanCakeSwap exchange and click on "Select currency", now paste the contract address in here.
(Since the SafeGalaxy token is relatively small it doesn't show up when you type the name.)

Step 5:
Unlock/connect your wallet by clicking on connect on the right top side or clicking on unlock under the swap interface. The first time it'll ask permission to connect, just click connect here.

Step 6:
Once you've done this click on the settings icon and change the slippage percentage to 11 or 11.5%.
(The SafeGalaxy token has a 10% fee when buying and selling it.)

Step 7:
Check the minimum recieved amount under the swapping interface, this will be the minimum amount you'll recieve.

Step 8:
Once you're satisfied with the amount you'll recieve click Swap followed by confirm swap.

Step 9:
A little screen should pop up with a payment/swapping request, click confirm and your swap should be done! :)

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