It's inevitable, Bitcoin's going to a million dollars

11 days ago
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Bitcoin just has to do what it's already done in order to get to a million dollars

Did you know that in percentage terms, bitcoin going from $57k to $1 million is just about the same as bitcoin going from $3,249 to $57K?



So, it's official then, bitcoin's going to a million and it's happening by this time next year!

How do we make that happen?

All we really need to do is have another 1 in a hundred year pandemic (plandemic?) and then governments around the world respond to that by printing tons of money.

We do that again and we hitting a million in a year.

In a reality, I don't think that's happening so I don't think there's any chance we hit $1 million within a year.

The cycle top is probably closer to $250 this time around, maybe by end of this year or early next year.

Then after we have a big drop and build back up, we can go for a million during the next cycle.

That would be 4 years from now.

So, 2025 that's when we be talking about a million dollar bitcoin, at least in my view.

What's yours?

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