Money Spent; Have You Bought A Degree Or An Education?

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The Parallel Misconception

There's been a lot of argument lately about Education and its relevance in an African state such as Nigeria. Nevertheless this has only been a topic of discuss because because of the educational approach and the mindset behind it. Truth is, people who are paying to get education often attach or place the impending degree with a tag which often makes it difficult to see the knowledge gotten from a stinct in college or any relevant institution in another light.

For example a person might be given two options; "get a degree or open up a business" Now while these two choices are even in terms of productivity sometimes what determines people's choices are things like family background, level of exposure, need at the moment, priority and of course goals.

Apart from the fact that a degree can get one a job, to be educated is different from having a degree. Most people go after the degree and leave being educated. To them the degree is their key to getting that dream job they want but they forget that where a degree fails to meet economic expectations an education will basically create diverse opportunities for oneself.

Now being educated is actually choosing to learn. Some people aim go get good grades while others chose to actually learn, while you can actually do these two at the same time a lot of people chose to do one of the two because priorities sometimes often determines one's drive. A lot of people chose to get the degree and leave learning alone and they ignorantly do this because they have attached a sole aim to higher learning or degree.

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A Disparity: Knowledge & Degree

Nigeria in itself has failed in many sectors and it's educational sectors are actually one of them. Now there's a huge disparity between those who actually learned and those who own excellent degrees. The fact that the country itself is struggling to create adequate jobs for its citizens is why people who actually learnt can unlock their potentials.

People are eventually considered failures when they drop out of schools. This is because the feel the end game to the going to college is solely to acquire a degree and should this be otherwise then a person has done nothing other than fail. The fact that we see a degree as the ultimate reward in an educational venture is one of the reason why people only make attempt to have a colourful degree "A++, distinction and first class honours" meanwhile they cannot replicate the achievements in the degree in real-world.

A form of knowledge is always needed at the base core of every venture in life this is because we need a certain level of understanding to actually thrive in life and this can be gotten even through the most elementary stages of education. For example, a person who choses to be a trader will need mathematical knowledge to be able to do basic addition, subtraction and mutiplication of figures.

This skill can be easily gotten in primary level of education but then its gone on to become relevant at a later stage in life. This is to say that the knowledge we acquire getting an education is what eventually becomes useful to us overtime more than the degree which is actually a piece of paper. The real value is in the quota which a person can give off and that is why I believe most third world countries are currently backwards.



The Real Deal

While a lot of people have excellent degrees, at the end of the day, they end up self taught to actually gurantee themselves financial freedom. This is to say that we at one time need knowledge, a skill, a "know-how" to actually stand out and be distinctive. Its Important to place priority to knowledge and that is why education is essential and not that its directly a means to gurantee employement in any format.

While its possible to seek employement, its actually ones real-time experience that forms the knowledge through which they'll eventually use to thrive in life. There are so many standpoint to being educated and the first and foremost is seeking literacy which gurantees a foundation. The degree is only a proof but the education itself is the gem that offers the prospects.

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