Splinterlands: Tweaking My Assets For More Passive Income Next Season

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It's been a very tough splinterlands season, everyone can relate. I've seen players making a comparison of how their loots looked like last season and just two days to the end of this current season and the difference is just towering.

It's been an absolute disaster majorly for players in silver II and III and this isn't just emphasizing the difficulties of the gameplay, it has been more of putting in extra effort and getting lower returns or rewards. It's natural, that the gameplay now seems difficult because of the poor outcome.

I know this because I earned about 40 loots, when the numbers of the loots for the end of the season were no longer dependent on the league, even if the quality of the rewards still does, and now, I can't even earn up to 10 loots per season. The difficulties have been more psychological rather than tactical.


Returns = Efforts?

This is to say that the returns haven't been proportional to the efforts. The *focus rules have been completed shattered, this means you can earn focus loots when you play your focus elements and when you do not, this has made it difficult to track progress like how many loots you can aim for, by sticking to your Focus elements, the accountability and calculative factor is no longer there.

A lot of people have confirmed that it was the bot system that cake to an end for a while, meaning that more real players now had access to quality cards in the market, thereby increasing the competition.

However, if this was so, did this competition also stifle the returns, or was it that the reasons the bot system ended were because of the changes we had mid-season of last season? I think it was the latter because the former made no sense at all


Translating The Difficulties To The Financial Aspect

My theory is that the changes were to reduce the possibility of earning more rewards, but the only reason why the difficulties in the game were rather obvious is that players have to do more to earn less, so because the efforts aren't being replicated reward-wise, players how now resorted to pointing out an important factor to the bizarre output of this current season.

I do not want to dabble into the economics of the game, the proportionality of the rewards to the time taken. Instead, I'd like to think that the time taken acquired experiences that can be useful in the future.

However, we all live for Profiteering, hence it's always essential to take a different approach to maximize one's assets with the hope of making better returns. I'd like to think splinterlands has got it covered as most of the changes they're trying to make are for the greater good.

Nevertheless, I still think some of the tough calls, changes, and decisions are always going to affect people who have lesser skin in the game (pun intended) because to keep the game going, I feel some of these rules are meant to favor those with hundreds of dollars, it's the way it works because I'd like to call some of these people the apex investors sitting at the top of splinterlands' food chain.


Renting Out All My Cards...

I have decided to rent out some of my top cards and leave just enough of them to compete for fun rather than rewards. Now selling is out of the question because I know that different changes might just ensue especially if splinterlands INC decides to implement another change to counter this particular one.

The second reason why selling is out of option is that I've grown fond of the game over time. At the time of investing in December, I could have just thrown that money into HBD, but Splinterlands seemed like a new investing experience I should dabble into.

The third reason is that I want to see how my returns for renting would go through next season, then compare it to when I was using all the cards to play. It's all about tweaking and making changes when necessary, I hope it turns out well this time.

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