The Humanistic Approach Towards Scarcity & Competition

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Competition is tough especially when the resources are limited and there are more people. However, an illusion of scarcity is often created when the price to pay is high. Everyone in life aims to achieve value for whatever resources they're sacrificing and due to this, you have more people competing for viability, value, and more enablements for spending money.

Why? Money itself is the most important means necessary to acquire value, nevertheless, making money is not easy, because there's a shortage of opportunities to make money, One of the reasons why the illusion of scarcity is created is because we have fewer wealthy people.

It's always easy to slot into the competition because people do not have the right means to rise above it (competition) this is resultant of having fewer opportunities to make money or create wealth

Competition & Means

One of the most viable ways to beat the competition is by having more means, more connections, and more information. The world itself is an auction. This means that the highest bidders tend to take the front row.

Every quality product or service is under auction and this is because people can recognize value when they see it. Originally, one of the reasons why something valuable loses affordability is because of the irregular quest to obtain it. This is how the bidding system works.

The bidding starts from people who have lesser means, but in the end, it's the people with more money who eventually takes it. Because a seller wants to get the maximum profit for their commodity, they're tilted towards waiting for the biggest bid, making value overpriced and losing its affordability.

Information & Money

This isn't to say there is no affordable value, the reason why we often think so is because of lack of information. Information can be acquired by being resourceful and radical, or it can be acquired by having money. People who aren't rich do not have the right information and that's why they're not rich in the first place.

Being rich comes with being informed about the latest developments, opportunities, and trends.

This is why the information in itself is very expensive. While there are cheaper ways to be informed, we have to understand that there are many people who are fighting to obtain information that can provide value to them as well as better their lives. In the grand scheme of things, there is no scarcity in the world, only the price to pay.

Vying For Affordability

The reason why this is so is that there are people who are hoarding opportunities, making it seem rare to make most of the situation. On the other hand, another reason why scarcity seems prevalent is that you have more average people vying for what is affordable and right for the money.

You hardly see scarcity of what's expensive. This is because their entry-level is high and this alone takes people off the board. If people at auction don't get bidders, what they are trying to sell will hold no importance. Rich people do not compete for opportunities especially when they're looking to spend their money.

This is because there are too many things in the world that are expensive and it's always available to buy if there's the purchasing power to do so. If the world has more wealthy people, then the scarcity of expensive things might thrive.

Obtaining More Value For Money

At the end of the day, competition is tough because of having fewer means and vying for limited and affordable opportunities that serve the right or even more value for money.

People are tilting towards obtaining more value for the money they're spending and this is because their sources of income are limited. Intrinsically, everyone wants the best irrespective of whether they have money or not.

This is to say that money does not control our wants, desires, and dreams. So people are craving good things, but the unaffordability makes it difficult for them to vie for. The world is headed to a stage where competition would drive people to settle for mediocrity because they're not opportuned to also compete at the highest level.

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You've typically summarised the plight of human race using 700 words 😅😅😅.
I've come to realise myself that before you can get rich you precisely need to get yourself informed, and to become richer you need more information. However, getting the information doesn't automatically project you into wealth which means there has to be some substantial implementation and this is because there are lots of people out there who has the same information which will by default bring up a competition.

You'vee got a nice article champ!


Thanks for complementing this post with your addition. In reality, you're absolutely right. We cannot get rich, without the right information and getting information is not all, as it's only a raw material. To fight competition, you need connection and even need more means as it were.

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Getting the information and not making use of it is more like getting recipes to make a meal hence refusing to cook the meal 😅😅😅😅


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Information is a powerful tool and most times all we need to succeed is information. Sometimes is not as if we are not smart enough to succeed but we not informed enough and that’s the difference

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