The Impertinence Of Making Financial Decisions A Priority Of Survival

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Survival oftentimes depends on how one can tweak an unfavorable condition to their advantage. Survival relies on having the right strategy which mostly comes when we realise that there's a "need" or a "problem" that needs to be solved. People often react based on what they percieve to be culpable.

The reason why its been verified that we have to plan for the future is because we're part of the future and if it's not taken into cognizance there's always a danger of being caught unawares and one of the reasons why people tend to progress especially finacially is not because of excessive availability of resources but because they have predicted a likelihood that scarcity might become a big problem that might need tackling at the grassroot.

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Due to the fact that we need to survive, it become impertinent to make our survival a Priority at all cost putting them in front of our scale of preference and that is why things like healthcare and food will continously remain expensive and sought after till the end of time. No matter the system of government, change in human ideologies, evolution of science and technology, there wouldn't be an evolution that would make human immune to sickness or a pill that will forever take away hunger.

Things like spacing might take a different turn. Business might begin to be built in diverse virtual space, in the distant future people might depopulation the earth by finding a different place in space to live or artificially growing crops without the use of minerals from the soil but then there are certain things that will never evolve and that's the fact that there will always be need for medicine and food.

Sometimes people fail to recognise that they have a "need", having the resources but not understanding where it needs to be is a behavioural tendancy that's economically associated with people. Without recognising a "need" it becomes difficult to plan. So many people often think they don't earn enough and as a result of this, they're poor. But this isn't true.

Sometimes one's expenditure exceeds their income on a monthly basis and this is because they haven't found the right formula to spending rightly. inasmuch as factors like inflation in the market can contribute. If the need to discover the right way to spend doesn't suffice, a person might end up thinking it's their jobs that needs to change meanwhile it is them that needs to change.

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A particular problem can have diverse sources reasons and causes; If you tackle the minor causes, big chance is, the problems will still remain, it's like giving anesthetics to a person to ease their pain when a surgery would actually take away the whole problem. It's often difficult to find out the main reasons for a problem especially when people are only being speculative.

The reasons for poverty is diverse in different people, nations and state. Nigeria is poor but because it's not rich, wealthy or resources but because of mismanagement and handling the wrong solutions to the wrong problems. Recently the government claimed bitcoin is the reason why the naira is performing badly and even after the banning of bitcoin trading, the naira has plummeted even further.

Most people do not have mismanagement problems they have money problems, others have management problems they do not have money problems but it's often very easy to misplace this as they're related. Focusing on the main cause to a problem is often what solves most financial crises.

While it's easy to say the cause of poverty is mismanagement when can say it's relative to each and every economic condition or phenomenon. Being proactive and predictive wouldn't solve it but taking time to eliminate the causes of a problem one at a time would be key especially in a situation where we have finally recognised the causes of a problem but having no idea as to the main problems in its entirety.

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