How to Migrate Your Content from Noise Cash to Noise App

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Noise App is a platform created to help the spread of BCH. The users can post their content and be rewarded in small amounts of BCH. At the moment it is an invite only platform. You will need an invite if you wish to join, or you can create a read-only account if you have no invite. (You can read more in this post about how this works)


Some of you had joined noise.cash in the past, however for about a year now the development of that website has stopped. And so have the tips, and so has engagement. However many of the users had devoted time into growing their network and posting their content there. So now, the developers of noise.app come to ask the users if they wish to migrate their noise.cash data to the new noise.app

Many of the users have already received an email to start migrating. However it will take a while (as Simon says below) for the email to be sent to all members.

So today, as I visited noise.cash I found that there is another way to do it!

How to migrate your noise.cash content to noise.app

Log in your account in noise.cash

You will most likely see the same message as I do


For the record, I am including here my noise cash account


I found it interesting that someone can still register for a noise cash account and join the 329.538 users!


Click on 'migrate your content'

You will see a message by the developers


Dear noise.cash users,

as you may be aware, about a year ago we started working on noise.app and stopped all development of noise.cash.

< Noise is very different from most social media websites. First of all, it is an *invite-only website, so you need to know someone on Noise to join.

Someone that follows you here agreed to give you an invite. We understand how valuable your posts and comments are, so now you have a chance to import all of your content to the new platform.

Second thing you need to know about the new Noise is that not everyone can comment there. Only people you follow can comment on your posts. This ensures that the level of discussion is pretty great and you don't have to filter and ban spammers, since you won't follow them in the first place.

Note that if you don't import your data, it will be deleted eventually. Probably in a few months after we are reasonably sure that everyone imported their data successfully.

If you are ready to start importing your data, please click the button below.

When you click the button below you will be given a choice whether to import your data, or simply create an account on Noise and start posting.

Click on 'next'


If you have an account you can simply click, or if you need a new account, select the second option

If you already have an account, you will be asked to verify via email


Choose how to import your data and if you will follow everyone

I let it all ticked because I see no reason why not to.


Click 'next'

Attention - after you proceed, you will not be able to post in noise.cash any more

If you are ok with the above, tick 'I understand' and continue



This process will take a short while until completed.


So now you do not have to wait for that email, you have the chance to do so yourself.

Did/Will you do it?

Let me know how it will work out for you!

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p.s Posting my noise.app account here for the record of it :) - prior to the migration image.png

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