Terra Blockchain - Loop Finance - AIRDROP ! - Go Grab It

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This will probably be the shortest article I've ever written (and probably ever will write)

If you are interested in the Terra Blockchain and the projects built on it, here is a relatively new one offering up quite a nice airdrop. LOOP FINANCE.

If you don't have a Terra Station Wallet go get a free one here then download the chrome extension here. Doing this not only can you collect this airdrop, but you'll be set to do everything you'll want/need on Terra.

Once you have the wallet set up go to Loop Finance, click on the 'Exchange' tab at the top of the page. On the Exchange page, in the menu at the left of the screen scroll down and find airdrop - click. You can claim either LOOP or LOOPR tokens (personally I did LOOP).

Poof - you should receive 18 LOOP tokens valued at just under $17. Nice for free!!!!

NOTE: You can only claim once and cannot claim both LOOP and LOOPR.

Good Luck!

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