RE: Introducing CUB Kingdoms | Cross-Platform Autocompounding Yield Vaults

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The CUB Den will not exactly be migrated. It’s going to continue existing

The CUB Kingdom will be introduced as an entirely new vault. There is no increase to inflation because the CUB Kingdom contract actually pools CUB within the old CUB Den and pulls inflation from that (and autocompounds it).

The benefit is autocompounding. If you want to stake CUB and harvest manually, you can stay in the old Cub den.

If you want your rewards autocompounded, stake in the CUB Kingdom.

We can also do the same for CUB-BNB and CUB-BUSD. If we did though, it would auto sell 50% of the CUB rewards into BUSD (or BNB) and repool it for you.

Instead of doing this, we’re reaching out to different BSC yield platforms and seeing if we can get a CUB listing in exchange for listing their token. That way we could actually introduce a new Kingdom with external rewards for a CUB pairing

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