Hive.Loans Update: TLD Renewed for Another Year! Paid $10 for it Initially.. Now the Buggers Charge $80+ For Renew? Also, SUPER Limited Capacity v0.1.0 Online Beta Starts Tommorrow!

HLSHARE Holders Getting Beta Passes Starting Tomorrow While the above screen showing the current "at the front gates level security" protec

Onboarding The Neighbor AKA "Forcing People into Crypto & HIVE" 101

Few days back was helping the neighbour with something and managed to incur him some unforeseen costs or repair fees that he wasn't…

Almost got that 18H Work Day in Software Engineering.. Getting Pretty Bushed.

Got the footer price ticker to cycle between USD and BTC base pairs for

Powered Up a LEO Today

Will this be enough to buy a Lambo soon boys?( also does post end up on HIVE or..? ) Posted Using [LeoFinance Beta](
1 yr

SCAM ALERT: PrimeXBT.com Attempts Extortion After Their System Bugs Out... Beware!

( a screenshot from PrimeXBT front page ) Logged into PrimeXBT last night in order to do a bit of CFD trading on Bitcoin
1 yr

Woke Up 1000 STEEM Richer Due to Investing on Steem-Roller.com!

Went to sleep early last night around 10PM or so with roughly 280 STEEM invested into the bankroll at Steem-Roller.com with 99x…
1 yr

A Visit from @acidyo to Steem-Roller.com Yields Serious Betting Action!

Was checking in on Steem-Roller.com when I noticed the degenerate king himself @acidyo log in and deposit a little bit of STEEM. One…