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There is little doubt at the success of Axie Infinity. Follow that up with the remarkable growth of @splinterlands, and we see a couple of games that are generating enormous wealth.

This is not much of a surprise since many are aware of the wealth that is involved in gaming. We only need to look at the balance sheets and income statements of the largest gaming companies to realize what they generate.

Of course, the fact that this is generated by publicly traded companies shows exactly where the financial benefits go. This is pushed directly into the wallets of Wall Street, since they own the bulk of the shares. The average person, especially the players, get little (if any) of the financial proceeds.

Blockchain gaming is starting to alter this. When this really catches on, we are going to see a completely new model instilled. In fact, gaming might be the job that many people have.


Switch In Focus

Present gaming seeks to maximize as much as it can from its user base. This is not a secret nor should it come as a surprise. Every tactic is used to try and suck as much money out of each user as possible.

We see the selling of weapons, skins, fuels, and whatever else can be interwoven into the game. At the same time, advertising appears, either overly or slyly placed. However it is done, the gaming company is generating another source of revenue from the game.

Obviously, the desire is to get as many players as it can. This will only lead to greater popularity, which equates to larger revenue streams. It also sets the stage for a built in audience to keep selling to. This is no different than the strategy employed by the likes of Apple or Facebook. It is all the same: get them into the ecosystem and keep them there.

With blockchain gaming, the focus is a bit different. Here we see the shift of wealth coming to the center. The goal is the make each player as wealthy as possible. Look at what was generated by the average player off Axie Infinity. Of course, on a smaller, but growing scale, the wealth being generated on Splinterlands is really changing the lives of many.

This is all leading to enormous wealth creation for, ultimately, millions who get involved in the new generation, gaming industry.

Asset Accumulation

The virtual world is a breeding ground for asset accumulation. Here we see the marked difference between the physical and the digital world.

With each new iteration of the game, more wealth is created. Splinterlands is presently doing this with the drop of their new cards. The vouchers people are getting will enhance them to grow their holdings.

Where did this come from? It simply is another layer programmed into the game. How long can this go on for? Quite frankly, as long as people are interested in what is taking place. If a game remains popular (and growing), the userbase can keep getting rewarded as new features, along with in-game assets, keep rolling out.

Of course, unlike much of gaming today, these assets have open-market value where they can be swapped. In other words, gaming now has its own financial world.

The merging of this two concepts is what is going to generate trillions of dollars over the coming decades. As stated, we are going to see an entire generation of gamers who make their living doing it. At the same time, we are also going to see investors pouring money into some of these game, acquiring assets in the same way people do stocks or art. If there is the belief of value, people will buy it since we cannot help but to speculate.

One of the keys to all this is the ability for people to start to accumulate assets. A large part of the present system is the fact that it is not inclusive. We have many who simply are not able to participate. Thus, they get left behind since they lack the ability to amass any assets.

With the introduction of blockchain gaming, we see this idea obliterated. Now, average people can begin their journey by getting involved and playing a game. Over time, as assets are acquired, those can be leverage for an even greater return.

The virtual world is opening up doors the physical world does not have. For this reason, we are going to see enormous wealth generated.

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