Let's relax today and take it easy - Win 3 LBI tokens

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Hello LBIer's, normally I write posts sharing stats or visions of the LBI future but today im not in the mood. Im in the mood to just write something fun as it's the end of the week. The end of the week not really I think for someone that that's not working but it's Friday and I've just spent 3 hours writing a post for SPI so im all done out and im the need of something lighter.

Let's kick off with a CUB finance word search. Your not 10 years old anymore but a word search is always fun. When was the last time you seen someone add a word search into a post? Anyways, snip the word search, cross off the words and copy/paste the completed puzzle into the comments below to win a prize.


3 LBI for the first person to complete this and post it to the comments below You dont need to be a LBI token holder already and everyone else please give a big juicy upvote to the winner's comment. Sharing is caring :)


I’m not a fan of lion bars. They seem to be quite dangerous places to hang out

A neighbour told me he spotted a lion recently. I told him that if it was spotted, it was more likely a leopard…

Went for dinner with a few friends the other day. They didn’t all bring their wallets, I ended up paying the lion’s share.


I could go on with 1 liner's for hours but I need to stop before you die with laughter. Ok so we've had a word search and a few sides spitting Christmas cracker quality jokes, what's next? Here? What happened to the cannibal lion? He swallowed his pride. Last one I promise, moving on, moving...


Movie time!!

Time to take a chill pill and watch a 10-minute video. Go and grab a coffee and a few biscuits (cookies) and watch this video about this dude that has become part of a lion pride. I've been watching this guys videos on and off the around 6 months and they are really good. He runs a reserve in Africa and his love for the animals is amazing. He's very engaging and I think most people will enjoy this.

See, pretty cool stuff. This guy is obviously crazier than a bag of spiders but he seems to know what he's doing. Very entertaining and he has many other animals as well on his reserve and he interacts with them all.


If things were priced in Leo tokens

Prices based on UK prices

Big Mac - 4.76 LEO
1 Gallon of Petrol (gas) - 6.97 LEO
1 Liter bottle of Jack Daniels - 47.64 LEO
1oz of the finest weed - 358.58 LEO
Nice Armani suit - 2,240 LEO
Tesla Model 3 - 63,500 LEO
Telsa Model X - 122,501 LEO
Cheapest brand new Lambo - 245,035 LEO
Virgin Galactic trip to space - 470,588 LEO


Did you know?

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There's maybe some I missed out but why just post on LeoFinance? Why not take 3 minutes to copy/paste your posts to Reddit and spread the message? If you upload videos to 3speak, why not youtube as well? Preaching to the choir does not bring in new people.

Anyways, that is today post. Something a little different for a change. I will be back again tomorrow to report this week's earnings and holdings. Hope you enjoyed it, if you did, feel free to share with your followers :)


I never choose the CUB life, the CUB life chose me

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