Kingdoms Full Launch Event | BTC, ETH and USD Stablecoin Staking - 500% APYs

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The time has finally arrived for the full launch of CUB Kingdoms. We've spent a long time building this feature into CUB and there is much more to it than simply releasing new vaults.

Kingdoms mark a radical shift in CUB Tokenomics. Migrating away from High Multiplier, Single Platform Yield Vaults and into Low Multiplier, Multi-Platform Yield Vaults.

What exactly does this mean for CUB?

A lot of things. Most notably: sustainability

In previous posts about Kingdoms, we've talked at length about sustainability for the platform on the binance smart chain. It's vital that we bring long-term sustainability to the tokenomics and continue to develop new features to create deep levels of utility for the CUB token.

To kick this off, we designed, developed and have now released CUB Kingdoms.

In short, Kingdoms are auto-compounding yield vaults that utilize multiple platforms to deliver attractive yields. Additionally, Kingdoms take a small management fee and utilize it to buy/burn CUB tokens and distribute liquid BNB staking rewards to CUB Kingdom Stakers.

When combined, these features create a radically positive shift for CUB tokenomics:

  1. Less CUB inflation needed to reward vaults (since multi-platform rewards generate yield + a small CUB multiplier as a bonus) - inflation on external vaults has been lowered by nearly 50%
  2. Ongoing management fees burn CUB sustainably vs. the old one-time deposit fee model
  3. Ongoing management fees generate liquid BNB rewards which can be harvested by CUB Kingdom stakeholders
  4. Multi-platform vaults pave the way for collaboration on many levels with other BSC platforms
  5. Autocompounding vaults generate higher APYs through efficient asset compounding

What is Launching Today?

Today marks the full Kingdoms launch. There is a lot that goes into finalizing the Kingdoms migration. Yes, we've added 3 new vaults but that is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Cub Kingdom update = 2x higher rewards
  • Deprecation of BTC Den
  • Deprecation of ETH Den
  • Deprecation of USDT-BUSD farm
  • Deprecation of DAI-BUSD farm
  • Launch of BUSD-USDC-DAI-USDT kingdom
  • Launch of BTC kingdom
  • Launch of ETH kingdom
  • Kingdoms UI update
  • Migration of multipliers to the kingdom contract
  • Miscellaneous tweaks/bug fixes

The turning point for CUB has begun! We've officially moved away from unsustainable tokenomics - the ones utilized by platforms like Goose DeFi and Pantherswap - and we've moved toward sustainable tokenomics and long-term appreciation as TVL grows, management fees scale and new utility features are launched (i.e. the upcoming CUB IDO feature which will likely burn $1m+ worth of CUB off the bat - details later this week).

BTC, ETH and USD Stablecoin Vaults Are Now Live!


Note: the smaller end of these APYs (5.56%, 5.92%, 10.73%) are the external farm yields (on the Belt platform). These yields do not vary much. The ladder part of the APY - which comes from the CUB portion of these rewards - is much more variable. It depends on the competitive landscape of TVL flowing into the CUB Kingdoms.

As mentioned in earlier releases about Kingdoms, we'll create a regular churn event where multipliers from 1 Kingdom may flow to another Kingdom to rebalance the CUB APR given to one vault vs. another.

This churn process will be based on TVL in one vault relative to the total TVL in all Kingdoms vaults. More details will follow in a post about the first Churn event (likely in about 7 days).

The APYs listed above will change drastically as TVL is migrated to Kingdoms.

Updated Week of CUB Roadmap

ICYMI we had to push a number of updates to finish our preparations for the Kingdoms launch. We decided to wait until the weekend was over to move from testnet to production.

The Week of CUB is still ongoing but with new target dates for our Press Releases.

Kingdoms just went live as of this post being published, our other PRs are scheduled to release in the days that follow:



Stairstepping Our Way to $3 CUB As We Roll Out Kingdoms and Prep for CUB IDOs and Our New Polygon App 🚀

Kingdoms Roadmap:

The roadmap for Kingdoms will be released soon and talk about the next features we're building. Our focus is moving toward improving the UI while we continue to build our CUB IDO Feature and prepare for the Polygon launch.

  • Vault Sorting
  • Rewards Dashboard
  • Deposit / Profit History
  • Charts
  • Advanced Kingdoms Analytics

After a few iterations, the Kingdoms UI will be drastically improved with data to make tracking your Kingdoms position as easy as possible. We'll also be negotiating with various platforms to list more Kingdoms and collaborate in various ways with IDOs and the CUB token.

Massive updates are shaping up on the horizon! Details #Soon™️



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