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Ah the wonders and headaches that are Git. Git is a universe of complexity. A friend of mine who is a veteran senior programmer is always the turn to guy when somebody has screwed up their git repository. He's helped me out over a few calls also.

But lately I've been coming to better terms with it, and it is making application development far more stable and easy.

So where is the app at now?

Work has begun on drag and drop customization of the trading desk. You'll be able to set up whatever charts and tools you want and save the layout.


Portfolio viewing has begun. Other under the hood improvements to stability and efficiency have been made. Research has also been done for the trade journal, so now there is a starting point.

At some point I'll make another video update as that better shows off the features and progress.

I've already had some interest in the app and am open to interested parties wishing to fund development of specific features.

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