I Just Became An OG HODLer of Hive

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If you look into my wallet, which is obviously public, you will realize that I have 23k hive powered up. I have made it so that it is very hard for me to access my funds. Cause my highest ROI is on coins I had to make a lot of effort to have access to.

I am fairly lazy. Since I am a lazy guy, the harder it is for me to sell a coin, the less likely it is that I will sell that early. If I have a gain of less than 100%, I probably wouldn't touch a coin or sell it if it is hard for me to access it.

Hence, I added two layers of hassle to my hive funds. The first hassle is that I need to undelegate first before I can power down my funds. This means, I have to wait five days to undelegate first and then power down my funds which takes three months.

This has previously worked for me. Not sure if it will work again. I wish I could do the same with my bitcoin and ethereum funds. Not having access to your funds has a benefit of its own.

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