[封面源自 Pixabay.com - 不是我买的车,目前没闲钱买Bercedes ] 自从冬天车在黑冰上失控报废之后就一直没有车。德国车好是好,但是在保修期过了之后保养起来非常不经济,维修的价钱超过了汽车本身的价值。…

⭐️ Rising Star - 1000 missions completion

Hello, it has been a while for me to post anything related to Rising Star Game. Today I have finally completed 1000 total Missions.…

Pobdaily: going back to the outside

My family and I haven’t visited any crowded places since the pandemic started. We considered ourselves lucky to be on and got off a…

Womplay's new NFT system and challenges | Womplay新NFT的玩法

For those who actively earns $EOS by playing games on Womplay , they probably already knew Womplay has entered NFT business not too…

Polkadot/Nutbox Crowdloan

During the past weeks, I have participated the beta test on Nutbox/Polkadot platform. I have mentioned about Nutbox in some of my…

My Crypto Journey – May | 加密币世界之旅 – 五月

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Source 我是 BlockFi 的用户,一个很小的用户。用USDC赚点BTC的利息。 BlockFi 除了贷款,出租之外,还有一个虚拟货币信用卡的业务。在大部分国家还没有正式开始,大家还都在排期等待。


Source 前两天和@annepink在我的一篇post下面的对话,使我起了一个写这篇文章的念头。 我从去年四、五月份到新年这段时间由于工作的原因没有在区块链上路面。这段时间里出现了分

Learn and earn crypto from Figment | 如何在Figment学习Blockchain编程和获得加密货币

NOTE : 也想给Leofinance那边的人看,所以有英文的部分。中文在下面 English Figment is a platform that teaches users to get their foot into the development of…

PNUT Token | Why I love it

I am not a regular Leofinance blogger, so please forgive my writing mistakes. However, I want to share a token that most people may not…

Pob Daily Challenge | 2021-05-13

Yes, you are seeing it right. It is in May, northern atmosphere. My last [Pob Daily](

Pob Daily Challenge | 2021-05-09

Hello, this is my first post on Proof of Brain. I saw the POB Daily Challenge and felt this would be a good start for me to join the…


一直一来想找一个能够自动复利的DeFi。不管是Bunny还是Autofarm,总是要再接触一个DeFi自己的新的虚拟货币。实在是不想在追踪一个新币了,所以一直没有选择。 自己本身的 $CAKE…

My Crypto Journey – April | 加密币世界之旅 – 四月


Steps to go through PancakeSwap Migration V2 | 如何找回Pancake升级版后的旧LP

English Version (中文的在下面) PancakeSwap has migrated to v2 today, I had a small amount BNB-CAKE LP a while ago and never bothered to…

Dogecoin and Newegg

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好久没有在外面吃饭了。 随着除了我之外所有的家人都打完第二针疫苗,天起越来越温暖之后,我们出来活动的机率增加。到餐馆用餐是迟早的事情了。…

My first ever minted NFT

For a long time, I have tried to find a place to mint NFTs that does not cost much in term of gas fee. Searching throughout all places at…

Solving the SPAMINATOR problem

This post can also be read in Portuguese If you're also getting downvotes from Spaminator, don't worry, I'll fix this for you. Or…

Two months in Rising Star

Hello, this is my second Rising Star Post. Last post was at the first 10,000 Starbits milestone, and purchased my first star pack.…