How can deposit #hive very easily your binance wallet

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There are many users inside us who do not know how to deposit in Binance, so I am sharing this today's tutorial post to help them a little bit. I hope you will understand how you can easily deposit your #hive in your #Binance wallet. It is a very small process and very soon you will get your proper amount in your account



The balance team always tries to give their users all kinds of benefits which they take many initiatives to make it faster. They try to always be ahead of all other exchange platforms for which #hive DepositU has shown great success and in a very short time. Sends the #hives to their bank account

Which you have to follow....

*First of all, you have to open your account in any of the mobile apps or browsers, and after opening, you must see several options in your own icon.

Where you will be shown the home page, the trending page, the market and the wallet. You need to decide what kind of points you want to deposit in your account by clicking on wallet.


And as you can see above, there are deposit and withdrawal options. Since you want to take your #hive balance, you can easily get a search bar at the top by clicking on the deposit option and here you have to do a few #hive searches.



And after searching you can easily see the icon logo of your appropriate point then you can see several options by clicking on your #hive logo.


Then they will show you the deposit address which you have to copy and after copying you have to go to #hive wallet.


and after coming to the wallet here you can only #hive deposit if you have #hbd then you have to exchange it to #hive Will.




Then you click on the transfer option where the transfer address is displayed. Here you have to paste what you have already copied,

And then you have to select the amount of #hive you want to deposit and empty it. Then you have to enter the memo option that is given below.

And just like you transfer your valuable amount from one account to another, you need to transfer at the same stage and in a short time you will get your appropriate #hive in the balance wallet of your balance account so you can easily deposit your balance #hive

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial post of mine and if anyone didn't know it before, if you know it for the first time today, you must give your opinion. Thank you all.

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