Why this Soul bound card is a king of defense ?

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Hello readers,

I wish you all a very bright and warm weekend and hope you are enjoying it well with your loved ones. There’s been a tragic incident recently as the Silicon Valley Bank in US has been bankrupted after it’s disputers got panicked and tried to withdrew all at once. It seems like the crypto market is a bit affected because of this this event as well, cause most of the top coins including out hive and SPS were facing a downtrend just after the news got viral.



Currently, SPS aka Splintershards are selling for only 0.024$ whereas before the downtrend, it was maintaining it’s slow but steady growth at 0.028$ per unit and the same goes for hive which came down from around 0.42$ to 0.36$ right now. Maybe because of this, the splinterlands card market is also getting stacked with many card listing and especially in riftwatchers edition where the card availability stays low generally, it got junked up a with many max and high level cards at lucrative low price. But, the card that I was looking to buy next is increasing its price almost daily like a satan, the lily.


image-removebg-preview (26).png

Now, let me move now to the main theme as today, I will be talking about another awesome legendary soul bound reward card with you all and as you have guessed it already from the thumbnail, it will be the popular new USUT card that I will be showcasing today.


USUT is a legendary type monster card that belongs to the Death splinter. This monster is a magic attack type card that costs 10 mana to be used in battles. In spite of it’s high mana cost, this monster is useful in medium to high mana limit matches because of it’s unbreakable Shield + health combo with decent attack and nonetheless, it also comes with a bunch of good abilities as - flying, Bloodlust, Oppress and Heal.m which makes it a true champion in certain matches. Let us now take a deeper look into it’s level wise stats and abilities while you chose your tier from among them.


At level 1, this monster possesses 2 magic attack at 1 speed with 4 shield and 9 health and it also gets 2 abilities in it’s initial level - Flying and Bloodlust. It is one of the fewest reward monsters with bloodlust ability which certainly makes it even more special while on the other hand, the flying ability protect it with more evade chances against melee and ranged attacks from non flying monsters.


At level 2, the health of this monster gets increased from 8 to 10 while all the rest stats remains same as of it’s previous level. And.. it also gets another new ability at silver tier, the Oppress. With this ability, this monster will now launch 2x attacks on enemy attack less monsters. So no more fear from those Baajkira or Almo Cambios.


At level 3, this monster gets the same 2 magic attack at 1 speed with 4 shield and further increased 11 health and no doubt, this monster gets pretty defensive and can handle multiple attacks with just it’s shield and health combined. However, it gets another new ability in gold tier as well, the Heal. Gosh I was taking about defensiveness of this monster and heal obviously adds as the cherry on the top.

Diamond / Champ

At max level 4, this monster gets a boost in it’s attack to 3 magic attack, which I was really wishing to be it’s final upgrade and it happened! But no more abilities in the max level and also all the other stats remains the same as of it’s previous level. Throughout all it’s tier level from bronze to Diamond, the speed and the shield on this monster remains the same and because of that 1 speed, this monster can feel you slow in normal speed rule matches but super powerful in reverse speed ruleset without a doubt.


Now, before I finished my post , let me quickly share my season progress and as you can see from above, I am still battling and somehow surviving my place in Diamond I with a current trophy count of 3465. This season has been way tougher to me than the last one on where by now I had reached Champ already, but poor me I am still away with more than 200 trophies. So that’s gonna be my current goal and I wish you all the best on yours.

I hope you liked this newly launched soul bound reward monster USUT that I showcased above. Have you got at least one BCX of this card yet and how you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post. Please come again!
Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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I haven't seen this letter yet
USUT is really good card with death cards


I will try to mix it with those death cards then but first I have to find some more and upgrade it. 😇 thanks for visiting


Have you got at least one BCX of this card yet and how you feel about it?

I pulled 3 Gold copies at once and then 3 other Regular BCXs in two chests !LOL I'm becoming a whale of USUT!


Omg 3 gfl cards at once? Am I hearing it right? Which tier you were and how many chests opened at once? I am very curious lol!


I found them in one of the first chests I opened when the Soulbound cards were first introduced! It was a Diamond chest and I had probably something like 6-7 of them to open. Since there I have a wonderful lvl 3 Gold Usut! :)



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