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Hello Lions


I successfully launched L2.GR and now I am thinking of working on my second project
I recently launched a second project and it's about gambling.

Betting BIO

In some point of my life, I met with Nick. Nick was a professional Gambler.
He made over 1mil EYRO from Sports Betting. He had tipsters and traders with him and as a software engineer, he always made things easy for him and his team, automizing all procedures.
He then told me how to trade bets in real-time with no Risk.
I made good money for 4 years and then this money became my business.

I then fall in love with the entertainment business and put prof. gambling on ice.


Entertainment is DEAD and I am looking back in the old Days of 400 Usd / Day from 2 Basketball games!
I searched my old team and found 2 tip specialists from back then and 1 good trader.
We launched a website and soon we will start developing a platform.
The site, for now, gives tips on Instagram with a nice ROI.
You can take a look and I vouch for its legitimacy.

Second Step

The second step is to involve crypto.
I mean sure some books already accept crypto but the fees and the % they take most of the cases are extremely against you. We are trying to calculate a scenario that PICKS+CRYPTO=Profit For Players.

Most in my team suggest bitcoin but I would really love the first touch with Leo Or creating a Hive Coin for this!
There is only one man that can give me the best advice about how to proceed on this and his name is Khal.
I will ask for his guidance!

Anyway, let me know what you think about this project!
I know I often come with projects some of them go well some of them not but a man has to try!!!
Have a great weekend!

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