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Some kids dream to be a star when they are young. Some may dream to be an actress or an actor, some may dream to take the stage and sing, some of them want to captivate the crowd with their moves, and some may also want to drop some sick verse before they could drop the microphone with a lot of swag.

As a kid, aside from dreaming to be a lawyer, I also wanted to stand in front of a massive crowd and just sing my heart out and captivate everyone with my angelic voice and impeccable tone. But just like any other dream we have while sleeping, that one's so far-fetched that the sun will explode first before I can become a good singer.

And that's one of the reasons why I was convinced to try this NFT game called Rising Star. It's a blockchain game that will surely entice you to try because of two main reasons. First, it's free-to-play. You don't need to buy anything before playing. Unlike other NFT games, you need to buy some pricey NFT first before you can start playing, in Rising Star, you just need to create an account and you are good to go.

The second reason is it's play-to-earn. You can earn "Starbits" the coin used in-game which in turn you can change to real money in the end. And again, you don't have to spend anything before you can earn anything. I don't know how else to put it aside from it is a Win-Win situation.

The Game


As mentioned earlier, all you need to have is an account to access the game. If you wish to try it, I would appreciate it if you use my link here to register for an account. Once you have created an account you just have to log in and start your journey to stardom.

There are however a couple of things you need to set up and remember before you can play the game. The first is with regards to the account, this game is native to the Hive ecosystem and you will need to have an account in Hive before playing. If you have an existing account on Splinterlands, that account will do. And if you don't you can use the link I have provided above to register for an account. A comprehensive walkthrough will aid you through the process then.

Another thing to remember is the game's pretty strict with multiple accounts and VPN use. I am playing this game on my office computer using a static IP address. When I suggest this game to my coworker, she tried to open it using her office computer too, but since we are using the same IP a large red warning message popped up telling us that only one account is allowed on a connection. I immediately urged her to close her browser because I do not want to be banned from the game.


Just like in Splinterlands, the game will let you use a card for free. You do not own this card but you can use it to accomplish missions and earn Starbits already. This base card can let you try out the first missions in the game and who knows? Maybe you're lucky enough to be rich using the card.

Everyone starts as The Busker. Someone who sings in the streets. Just like in real life, if you are a starting musician without any backing, you'll most likely try to earn some quick cash by performing in the streets, and at the same time, you are trying to expand your exposure by doing so.


The game starts and is set in your hometown Buskeria. The home of the ultimate buskers. A lot of people started as lowly buskers and now they're holding sold-out stadium concerts. Since I'm fairly new to the game and I really didn't invest anything yet, I'm still playing at the early stages of the game and I'm still playing as a busker in Buskeria.

These are the available missions to you as you start to play Rising Star.


Even with just the free card that was loaned to you by the game, you can practically work your way down the list, but that wouldn't be consistent because some parts of the game will depend on your luck as a person.

Each mission however has some kind of requirement. Some missions need your level to be at a certain level, some missions need that the number of your fans should be higher, and so on.

Each mission takes time and costs energy. Their duration and energy cost will vary and for sure, the higher the mission is, the longer the mission will be and the higher the energy cost will be.


Each mission will pay you Starbits when completed. The amount will vary from mission to mission though. The more difficult the mission is, the higher the Starbits you can earn.

As mentioned earlier, some missions will be dependent only on your account's attributes. The attributes of your account are tagged as Fans, Luck, Skill, and Income Multiplier.


The number of your fans will dictate which missions you can take. The default number of fans is 10. With those 10, you can already do the first mission which is Illegal Busking.

You can get more fans by buying cards with higher Fans attribute or you can just continue doing missions and gain some drunk fans. These drunk fans are temporary and they will disappear after 12 hours. So you should capitalize on your missions while they are still drunk.


The next attribute is luck. As stated above, luck increases the maximum number of drunk fans you can attract during a mission. This means that the higher your luck is, the more your fanbase can grow. And just like Fans, your Luck can increase when you buy cards with higher luck. And you can also increase your luck when you find clovers during a mission. Just like drunk fans, clovers are temporary.

Skill is another attribute you have in the game.


In the early stages of the game, you don't have to pay attention to this attribute because this skill will just have a bearing in the game when you reach level 15. So let's just skip it for now since this is just an introduction to the game. And the same holds true for the last attribute which is Income Multiplier.

As mentioned earlier, missions cost energy and your energy is located on top of your avatar. The energy replenishes over time, I'm not sure about the rate of it but it will be faster when you find coffee during a mission.

If you have any further questions regarding the game, I'll try my best to help in any way I can. Just leave your questions below or message me on other platforms too.

I hope that this introductory post piqued your interest somehow.



If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or just any violent reactions, feel free to voice out everything down below.

That's it for me and until we read again...


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