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As I tell everyone, most people don't understand anything about money, how it works, or the history behind how we came to be trapped in our current fiat system. None of that is dare uttered in schools, heaven forbid a teacher teaches kids to question why their parents decide to let the banks hold onto their money for them, when those very depository banks profit off the child's parents' accrued wealth.

We need a fundamental upheaval in the way children are taught to navigate the financial world.

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We used to have a finance class in school, but I don't think they do that so much anymore. At least not in my school district.


Oh yeah, anything taught in government indoctrination centers ("schools") isn't real. Most of what is told to students is theory, and little else. The average college graduate knows nothing about money or banks, and it shows, because they continue perpetuate a terrible system that they feed into

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