RE: Kraken And The Hive Financial Network

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I agree with your take here, Taskmaster. I have followed Kraken for a few years now, it was even one of the few centralized exchanges I KYC'd (back in 2020). The issue I had with kraken, was that its offerings were relatively limited, and they seemed to push a lot of scammy altcoins, although they had $HIVE listed at one point, not sure now.

The concept of the Hive Financial System is a new one to me, that I guess I hadn't read up on. I will be reading through the article you linked to this one to learn more!

Ultimately, we have to distance ourselves from the fiat TradFi system, otherwise, it will entrench itself in every way, as Silvergate attempted to - and ultimately failed to support. Even with access to the Federal Reserve fictional reserve lending system, Silvergate couldn't stay solvent in the face of the Voyager Digital & 3 Arrows Capital meltdown in May of last year, compounded and ignited by the LUNA/UST de-peg and death spiral.

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