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Excellent reading your thoughts, as always, Taskmaster4450. I couldn't agree more with the argument you present. I have had something of an existential battle between breaking through the legacy system and enabling full-ownership of posts' content. Funny how what I'm arguing for IS Hive, already. While the communities are in no way mature at this time, that only comes with adoption at scale.

That is what we need more than anything else: the scale, to not only compete with the big bois (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) when it comes to hosting data on a distributed database outside their control and profit-making machines, but also, handling the midrange game, the CDNs need to be dispersed more, as well. When I learned about Fastly and Cloudflare, I was (not) surprised to learn that there was very little viable competition outside that duopoly.

Without completely decentralizing access to the internet, we need control over the means-of-production: the distributed bandwidth (Althea Net), the distributed cloud-computing (something like IPFS or Akash on IBC), and then, the distributed content delivery networks, almost like a dVPN, but dedicated to providing the last-mile delivery piped to your individual computer.

We should be wary of blockchains claiming to be decentralized, but depend on AWS. Single points of failure are what helped lead to the global outages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. Clearly we need a radical shakeup in the way content is handled, delivered, and stored!

Hive does all three...and Hollywood has no idea it lost the war long ago.

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