These guys...a decade ago didn't know what the future holds...but you do.

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I am pretty sure that you know the story about the guy who paid 10.000 BTC for 2 pizzas, right? No? Well it's true. On May 22nd 2010 this is the amount he paid to get his two pizzas.

He let everyone know about this offer through, on May 18th and some of the replies he received were really interesting. In case you don't want to hit the link just look at the screenshots.

20210207 20_28_53Pizza for bitcoins_.png

20210207 20_29_29Pizza for bitcoins_.png

Of course there was no Binance, no Bittrex etc and the only place one could trade their BTC back then was on So...back in May 2010 all one had to do to buy 10K BTC is to spend $41...Of course nobody knew how things will play out. BTC was the first of its kind and people treated it as something that most likely will die a few months down the road...Virtual money...and people weren't used to virtual goods 11 years ago. Some still aren't used to virtual goods even now, let alone try it like "real money". Of course we all know what happened next...

20210207 20_37_58Pizza for bitcoins_.png

His offer was there for four full days when eventually, he let everyone know that he successfully traded those 10K BTC for pizzas.

"Thanks jercos..." Who is the jerk now?

There are so many examples of how people treated it back then. Here's another one.

Exactly 10 years ago on February 6th 2011, almost a year after the event with the pizzas, a massive Starcraft event was announced and the rewards looked great. You can find more info about it here:


$500 to the winner...$250 for the finalist $150 and $100 for third and fourth place respectively and 25 BTC aka about 1 million dollars in today's money for those who ranked 5th - 8th.

I am sure that there must be dozens of stories like the ones above and if you dig on the Internet you'll find one too. But that's history now...

There are 2 things interesting about history though:

  1. That we should learn from it and become wiser.
  2. That it usually repeats itself...maybe in different clothes...but it does...

There was a moment on @theycallmedan's vlog yesterday that stuck in my mind. Something between the lines of; " When I invest in a project I know that I am on "A" but the reason I did it is because I took a step back and saw the potential when I went all the way to "Z"

That's exactly what we are all doing here on Hive isn't it? Isn't it because we all know the potential this blockchain has? Isn't it because we see progress being made, slowly if you will, but to the right direction? Rome wasn't built in a day...

Those guys had no clue what BTC was...because it was an experiment. These text went viral but who can blame them really? The difference between us and them is that we "know" what this blockchain can handle.
I won't lie to you. It pisses me off when I realize that all the effort being made by devs and people who are building for the greater good isn't reflected on the price of the token. 15 cents is a joke...There are hundreds of projects out there with absolutely no use case and almost same token supply as Hive yet their price is 150x. Like UNI token...Apart from its use as a governance token I can't really understand why the fuck people buy it? Just because DeFi is hot right now?

Same goes for the LEO token. They've built a shit ton of tools and a lot more will be launched shortly. Couple that with the fact that it has so small supply and you'll understand why it is still a steal...

Unless of course you're here to farm some rewards and call it a day....

Bottom line is that it won't take long before influencers who keep being banned on centralized social media platforms just because they express their opinions seek for decentralized alternatives...time is coming...

So before you rage quit...before you say enough is enough...before you sell all your tokens because you can't stand it anymore...take a step back and imagine the feeling you'll get when this thing take off and you're not here...

Knowing that you used to hold a serious amount of tokens that could change your life for the better...which you traded for pennies...

These guys a decade ago didn't know what the future holds...but you do.

Have a good one people.

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